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Summer sandal trends

Woman in brown gladiator sandal and gold bracelet

Ladies, make sure your pedicure is touched up because summer is in full swing. There are plenty of fun sandal styles that are ready to be worn to the office, for your weekend errands or a night out on the town. Let’s take a look at some of the styles you’ll want to try this summer:

Metallic Tribal Gladiator Sandal from Monroe and Main
Metallic Tribal Gladiator Sandal from Monroe and Main

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals have been on trend for the past few summers, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! The practical, flat sandals are a favorite among many women due to the fact that they can easily transition from day to night. Simple ankle straps are great for a day browsing farmer’s markets and art fairs, while some more elaborate pairs – like styles that lace up to the knee – look great with a short skirt for a night on the town. And since they’re flat, you can dance the night away without any foot pain!

Raffia Sandal from Monroe and Main
Raffia Sandal from Monroe and Main


White sandals are becoming the chosen color for people looking for something light for the summer. This ’90s throwback sets all worries about getting your shoes dirty aside. Consider a natural white leather pair, and spray them with leather protectant so you don’t have to fuss about staining them! The great thing about this trend is that it works for every style of sandal that you prefer.

Block heels

Tired of teetering in your stilettos? Then you’ll be a fan of block heels – one of the latest trends this summer. The chunky heels lend themselves for more stability without having to sacrifice fashion. These are ideal for women who love the idea of wearing an elevated heel but want to stray away from the foot pain that usually comes with sky-high shoes.

multi-stud-lace-up-gladiator       Cutout-shoe-backdrop

Lace ups

Lace up sandals are another trend that works great in both flat and heel form. These hip heels can lace up over the foot in an X-shape or just lace around your ankle. Similar to a strappy sandal, just with a few more straps, they’re a great way to take a classic, comfortable style but modernize it a bit.

“Flatforms will give you height without heels.”


The flatform is another ’90s throwback that’s making its way back into mainstream fashion. While you don’t have to go as high as the Spice Girls did, flatforms are an easy way to give yourself a little bit of height without having to put your foot on an uncomfortable angle.


Mules were a ’70s trend that we’re glad is making a comeback. While suede variations were popular this past fall, summer is boasting an open-toed mule trend. Flat mules make for a simple, casual choice you can slide on right before leaving the house, and heeled mules are perfect for date night. Like with block heels, mules are a great alternative to a thin stiletto.

Mona Wedge by Restricted


Wedges are a timeless summer style, and for good reason. Wedge heels are easy to dress up or down, day or night. And nothing goes better with a sun dress than a brightly colored pair of wedges. Since functionality and comfort are so important in the summer months, wedges are a great way to combine the two factors in a stylish way.


Everyone needs a pair of strappy sandals. Flat ones are versatile and comfortable, and heeled strappy sandals are a chic way to easily dress up any outfit. When shopping for a pair of strappy sandals, look for a simple color, like black or nude, to ensure you can wear them with everything in your closet!

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Published on Jun 06 2016

Last Updated on Nov 02 2021

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