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stretch tie gladiator sandals

Knee-high gladiator sandals styling tips

By now, many women have a pair of gladiator sandals tucked away in their closets, but not everyone has gone full ancient greek warrior in their fashion. We’re talking knee-high gladiator sandals! These chic summer statement pieces can totally change the look of an outfit, giving your wardrobe extra versatility. If you’re not sure how to style a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals, here are some tips:

Make them formal

The right pair of gladiator sandals and an accompanying outfit can create a formal ensemble perfect for summer get-togethers. To achieve a high-brow look, select shoes in either sleek black or metallic colors. For instance, a pair of black, lace-up gladiators with a small heel comes out sharp and ready for a night out. Along with a more formal sandal, wear a dress. Solid-color dresses sporting an above-the-knee hemline are ideal, as they will show off your shoes and elongate your legs. Finish off your outfit of the day with a cute clutch and metal jewelry that matches your shoes.

stretch tie gladiator sandals

Be bold in knee-high gladiator sandals!

Looking to stand out this summer? Accessorize a bold outfit with gladiators to amp it up. For instance, choose printed dresses with eye-catching patterns. For the truly daring, combine fashion-forward garments like gaucho pants and open-toe knee-high gladiator sandals. However, with such unique pieces on the bottom, keep your top simple.

Or, keep it casual

Having brunch with friends or just want to look cute while doing errands? Knee-high gladiator sandals can be your fashion allies for that, too. Go for a strappy look that’s enhanced by buckles. Rock your shoes with shorts, a tucked-in blouse and a light fashion jacket. To further solidify the casual vibe, opt for a denim jacket or utility vest – both are simultaneously relaxed and on-trend. Rather than statement jewelry, keep it light with simple earrings or necklaces, and store your wallet in a cross-body bag.

“Accessorize a bold outfit with gladiator sandals.”

studded triple buckle gladiator

Or, start simple with low-rise gladiator sandals

Knee-high gladiator sandals are on runways and sidewalks alike this summer, and they can be a part of any wardrobe. However, if you’re not feeling the look, you can always fall back on low-rise gladiator styles. These classics will always be in.

You can still rock gladiators on the days when you feel like less is more. A low-rise, flat gladiator sandal can be just your ticket. Opt for a neutral, solid color palette. If you still want variety, alternate textures. For instance, a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt is comfy and pleasing to the eye. Pair that with jean shorts and black, lace-up sandals.

Grey gladiator

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