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Top Sandals for the Season

Metallic Tribal Gladiator Sandal

Choosing a proper shoe that is suitable for snowy, winter weather is a bit of a hassle. Are your go-to fashion boots starting to get salt stains? Are you sick of commuting to work with an extra bag holding your flats? Look on the bright side (literally), because spring is about to bloom! Get ready to kick off those clunky winter boots, get that pedicure you’ve been longing for since the first snowfall and slip into spring with the hottest sandals of the season.

Here’s a guide to your must-have spring kicks:


Start with the essential, old-fashioned flip-flop that is both comfortable and cool. This style shoe should be neutral, giving you something to fall back on if you have no idea what shoes to wear that day. Wear them to the beach, to the park, while walking your dog or even while wearing athletic clothing. Just remember these are still sandals, so don’t go climbing mountains.

If you want to take a stroll down the boulevard, ease into your comfortable yet stylish Dr. Scholl’s shoes. With memory foam insoles and a hook-and-loop strap, you’ll be able to keep up with all the walking without having to worry about potentially getting a blister! A bonus: They are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe deteriorating from the sandy beach and salt water waves.

The open fisherman sandal style goes athletic! Memory foam insoles; hook-and-loop straps. Synthetic.
Archie Shoe by Dr. Scholl’s from Monroe and Main

Fashion Flip-Flop

This is your flashy shoe – the one that will tie your whole outfit together to give you a sunny vibe. A sassy dress sandal with decorative beading or cut-out designs can be worn with jean shorts during the day and a chic romper at night.

If you’re wearing a fashion sandal, you’ll want the ensemble’s main focus to be on the shoes. Go easy on your accessories – simple up top, bold on bottom.

Lisa Thong Sandal from Monroe and Main
Lisa Thong Sandal from Monroe and Main


Board the plane to paradise in your favorite pair of gladiator sandals. Not only does the support of the shoe provide you with comfort, but it adds a versatile look that can be either dressed up or down.

For a casual look, cuff your favorite pair of jeans and slip on those gladiators that hit right at your ankles. Or wear your knee-high gladiators with a flowy sundress: You could even wear these to the beach with a bathing suit and cover-up! For a dramatic nighttime look, pair these same sandals with dressier shorts and a fitted blouse to make for the perfect date night outfit.

Keep the jewelry simple with this look, too – let your gladiators do the talking.

Metallic Tribal Gladiator Sandal from Monroe and Main
Metallic Tribal Gladiator Sandal from Monroe and Main


While this style shoe is the epitome of comfort, you’re going have to put your fashion cap on and start strategizing ways to spice your flatbed sandals up a bit. The trick: It’s not how you wear them, it’s what you wear them with. It’s all in the outfit, ladies.

This style shoe is the perfect complement to your slouchy, boyfriend jeans paired with a loose tank top. For a more casual look, wear them with joggers or sporty sweatpants. To elongate those legs of yours, wear your flatbeds with jean shorts. Add femininity to the shoe and wear with a sweet sundress .

When shopping for a pair of flatbed sandals, keep your eyes peeled for a thick sole made of cork or foam to ensure sturdiness and comfort. You’ll find options with buckles, horizontal straps, wrap-around straps, crossover straps – the limit does not exist! Straps are good. They help keep your feet in place and allow your foot to properly mold to the sole, making the shoe that much more comfortable to wear.

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Sandra grubbs

I am looking for a sandal with the toe in

Monroe and Main

Hi Sandra,
Could you please elaborate a little more on what type of sandal you’re looking for? Happy to help you shop!


White sandal with wedge heel.

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Published on Mar 07 2016

Last Updated on Nov 16 2021

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