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Which heel height is right for me?

Brown or Black Stud Back Bootie

Do you ever wonder how your co-worker manages to saunter around the office in 6-inch heels on a daily basis? She likely found a shoe that works for her body type and needs. Well, she might’ve also just discovered our tips on how to make your heels more comfortable. Aside from creating comfort, we can give you some insight on how to make that heel-height decision and avoid wearing the wrong heel. After all, the fit of the shoe matters just as much as the fabulous style. Here are some tips for how to decide which heel height is right for you:

The Ideal Heel Height Test

Sometimes finding the right heel height just turns into a guessing game. What feels great for five minutes in the house can turn painful the moment you walk out the door. Fortunately, Alterations Needed sought to solve this problem. The blogger revamped a test already developed by a podiatrist and changed it to fit her – and the average woman’s – needs. Hopefully, it can work for you, too.

In theory, your ideal heel height will be equivalent to your foot’s natural incline. That is, you’ll need to measure the distance between the ball of your foot to the edge of your heel. To do this, you may need the help of a friend. Sit in a chair and extend your leg directly in front of you, allowing your ankle and foot to fully relax.

Then, place a ruler at your heel (this is the only part of your foot it should touch) and hold it parallel to the floor. The ruler should be situated so it looks like the heel of your shoe. Then, use your hand to create an imaginary line from the ball of your foot to the ruler. The amount of space between the ruler and the ball of your feet at that imaginary line will be your perfect heel height.

Of course, this is just one point of reference when determining which heel height should be on the shoes that overflow your closet. Each height offers its own benefits, too.

How to Measure Heel Height

A heel’s height is the measurement from the heel cap, or bottom, up to the sole of the shoe itself. It is not the entire back height of the shoe itself. This measurement is best made with a tape measure on a flat surface. In the United States, this measurement is in inches. In countries that use the metric system, this would be in centimeters.

Gold Ballerina Flat


Ballet flats are great for getting you through an entire day while keeping your feet comfortable, especially when they’re genuine leather shoes. Truly, they don’t have as much of an effect as high heels do when it comes to flattering your figure, but wearing them has its own advantages. For example, knowing you’ve got on a stylish pair of flats and being able to move quickly around the office without the shaky instability of some heels can really boost your confidence level. You’ll march right into your boss’s office with your head held high rather than looking down to watch where you step.

Plus, they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. Do you have an interview coming up? Wear them with a slimming pencil skirt. Are you going out to the mall with your friends? Pair them with stretch skinny jeans. There are tons of colors and styles that will really showcase your personality.

burgundy pump

1- to 2-inch heels

Often called a “kitten heel,” this height is low enough to enable stable walking and high enough to add dimension to your footwear. If you work at an office where you’re constantly walking from department to department, these are a great option and easier to walk in than a higher heel. They can provide all-day comfort but still deliver a fashion-forward style. Additionally, they provide a more conservative look than sky-high stilettos, which may better match your office environment.

Brown or Black Stud Back Bootie

3- to 4-inch heels

The middle ground of heel heights, 3- to 4-inch heels are perfect for ladies who want to lengthen and elongate their bodies without feeling completely unstable on their feet. It’s great for the workplace or dinner dates, and the height will instantly make your legs look lean.

Topstitch Wedge in red or black

5- to 6-inch heels

A power shoe, 5- and 6-inch heels will give you towering confidence. They’re great for looking absolutely elegant at a formal affair, but they aren’t always the most comfortable or feasible to walk in. If you’ll be sitting for the majority of the time you’re wearing these high heels, you won’t have a problem. However, you’ll have to be prepared to get up on your feet otherwise.

Also, don’t be afraid to try a block heel in this length. You will still get the benefits of the high lift, but will also gain stability and traction with the wider surface area.

If you’re heading to a wedding, for example, you can definitely make it through the ceremony and dinner with these shoes. When it comes to dancing, that’s another story. Bring a pair of flats or kitten heels to get you through a night of hitting the dance floor. Your ankles and big toe will thank you!

Shop High Heels with Confidence!

Heels don’t have to be scary if you know what you’re looking for. Dress your best for every dressy occasion with the right footwear.

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Published on Jan 05 2021

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