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3 questions to ask before buying a pair of shoes

women wearing a variety of shoes

A girl can never have enough shoes, but it’s important that each boot, pump and clog have a purpose. After all, footwear is meant to be worn, not to sit in your closet. While you certainly want them to draw attention to your fabulous outfit, you need to make sure the style works with your lifestyle and wardrobe, as well. Here are three questions to ask before investing in a pair of shoes:

What will I wear these shoes with?

While it may be tempting to send every fun, patterned pair of shoes to the shopping cart when browsing for footwear online, it’s important to consider what’s already in your wardrobe. Do you have a dress that will match those multi-colored heeled sandals? Will your office garb coincide with those bright purple pumps? As with any purchase, you don’t want your fresh pair of shoes to go to waste. Either select a coordinating outfit, or pick a pair of shoes that coincides with the clothes you already have in your closet.

To learn more about how to match shoe color to your outfit, check out our shoe color instructional article.

How high of a heel can I practically get?

Heels add instant height and elegance, transforming your body into a lean, flattering figure. Admittedly, heels aren’t the easiest shoe form to walk in, which means they may not work for everyday wear. For example, do you walk through the city streets to work every day? Unless you change into athletic shoes or loafers while walking, flats or one to two inch heels will best serve your purpose. However, if you’re a pro at wearing sky-high stilettos, then go bold!

What type of shoes do I need more of?

Let’s face it, some of us have too many stilettos and not enough places to wear them. When we love a certain style, we feel drawn to it and stock up on pairs upon pairs. While there’s arguably always a reason to buy a new pair of shoes, it’s important to consider what you need more of. For example, while you really may want that adorable pair of pumps, have you checked if you have enough flats lately? You may need to go with the footwear that’s missing from your closet.

With so many fun styles, it can be difficult to pick which pair of shoes is right for you. Use this guide to find your perfect match.

women wearing a variety of shoes

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Published on Aug 10 2015

Last Updated on Nov 11 2021

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