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Woman in gold necklace, pink knit ruffled sweater over black top Makeup shades for the winter months

Here are some tips to spice up your makeup routine during those chillier months.

bottle of oil and coconut shells Choosing your signature scent

Here is your guide on choosing the perfect signature scent. 

Woman in Button and Lace Trim Black Sweater Coat How to update your wardrobe for winter

Here’s how to decide if your winter clothes need updating and how to go about it.

Woman in black and blue 2-piece skirt suit and blue shoes Pairing blue and black

Discover how you can pull off wearing both black and blue in your ensemble.

woman wearing 2-tone, floral lace-overlay bra Getting intimate: Maintenance tips for your bras and shapewear

Bras and shapewear are the foundation of a woman’s closet – the right pieces give any woman exactly the amount of support she needs to look amazing in whatever outfit she puts on.