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10 electrifying colors to wear this spring

Spring isn’t just about a soft color palette – it’s about mixing those traditional pastels with bold hues and vivid shades. It’s time to brighten up your ensemble with electrifying colors this spring.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes this season’s color palette as a way to “transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.”


Ladies, get ready escape to a chic retreat and transform yourself into a colorful spring canvas. Here are the top 10 Pantone colors to wear this season:

1. Buttercup

Build me up, buttercup and light up your life with some sunshine this spring. Fearlessly strut your stuff in a yellow blazer and it’ll feel like you were automatically transported to a happier, sunnier place. If a blazer with this vivid color is a bit much for you, go for a yellow sundress and complement it with a denim jacket. The light blue wash of the jacket’s coloring will help tone down the yellow.

Buttercup Yellow Swatch

2. Fiesta

It’s time to wake up from that siesta and get ready to fiesta in that riveting red dress. This spring, stand tall and rock a fiery red dress to work or on a hot date. This is a surefire way to turn heads from all angles of the office. Complement the dress with a couple of emerald green cuff bracelets. Keep your neck bare and let the red dress do the talking.

Fiesta color swatch

3. Green flash

Show off your serendipitous style in a flashy green sleeveless sheath dress. This style garment is more fitted around your waist and effortlessly outlines your silhouette, highlighting all your best features. You can layer up with a lightweight shrug cardigan in any shade of blue, but Pantone recommends snorkel, serenity or limpet shell. Get funky with your shoes, and slip on a pair of green flash slingback heels. It’s best to wear colorful heels for a night out with your girlfriends or significant other – try to keep your shoes on the neutral side when you’re getting dressed for work.

green flash pantone color swatch
Green Flash

4. Iced coffee

No need to worry about spilling your iced coffee on your morning commute to work because, lucky for you, Pantone has spoken, and this soft shade of brown is another strong, neutral tone of the season. For a modern office look, wear your iced coffee skinny dress pants with a white long sleeve blouse. Pair with colorful wedges (particularly rose quartz, serenity or lilac gray) or your classic black high heel pumps.

iced coffee pantone
Iced Coffee

5. Lilac gray

If you’re more of a neutral kind of gal, lilac gray will be your go-to color this spring. It’s always beneficial to have at least one basic color in your wardrobe (black, brown, gray, navy) but why not choose fabrics with a subtle hint of purple? The lilac undertones will add a sophisticated edge to your peppy, spring look. Slip on a pair of black slacks, tuck in a classy white blouse, and throw on a lilac gray stylish vest to complete the look.

lilac gray pantone color swatch
Lilac Gray

6. Limpet shell

Let your inner mermaid shine though by wearing shades of aquamarine this spring. Limpet shell is crisp, clean and illustrates a peaceful sense of self. If you’re nervous for the new job, consider wearing long tunics in a delicate shade of aqua to help calm your nerves. After all, sailors treasured aquamarine crystals because they were believed to bring luck, bravery and protection to all who encountered this treasure trove.

Limpet Shell Pantone Color Swatch
Limpet Shell

7. Peach echo

Peach echo, part of the orange spectrum, embodies the characteristics of playfulness, happiness and creativity. Play up your spring wardrobe with a fun hi-low dress and a pair of wedge heels. Complete this casual yet cosmopolitan vibe with a vintage jean jacket. This is the perfect look for a night of wining and dining with the gals. Complement the peach coloring of the dress with a delicate, light blue statement necklace.

Peach Echo Pantone Color Swatch
Peach Echo

8. Rose quartz

This gentle, flushed tone is feminine and lighthearted – perfect for spring. Just like a traditional pink rose, this color carries the connotation of grace, elegance and romance. If you have dark hair, consider wearing a rose quartz sleeveless blouse with a pair of black slacks to work. Slip on a fashion blazer to cover up those shoulders and you’ve got the look. For a date night, replace the blazer with a trendy leather jacket. To complement the pink, go with peach-colored fashion necklaces, which leads us to our next color.

Rose Quartz Pantone Color Swatch
Rose Quartz

9. Serenity

Serenity is a light, airy blue tone that pairs well with yellow, peach or a darker blue, so feel free to layer up with these colors to enhance your look. Go with a pair of navy blue cropped pants and a sky blue ruffled blouse. Keep your accessories simple since you’re already mixing two colors together. If you decide to only wear the blue blouse, opt for classy costume jewelry sets that are light shades of either yellow or peach.

Serenity Pantone Color Swatch

10. Snorkel blue

Dive deep into a new color this spring with snorkel blue. This shade exudes an energetic and carefree vibe, so consider wearing flowy tank tops. You’ll flaunt an effortless yet classic look as you walk into the boardroom Monday morning for that important client meeting. Wear this color with your favorite pair of white jeans that flaunt all your best assets, and you’ll rock that presentation with confidence. Tone this striking shade down with neutral-colored accessories like your browns and creams.

Snorkel Blue Pantone Color Swatch
Snorkel Blue

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