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Accessorize your purse

Several styles and colors of handbags

Looking to add a personalized touch to your handbag? Try these ideas to accessorize your purse:

When you think of keychains, do you think of a ton of plastic junk on a lanyard? We don’t. Keychains can be totally grown-up and fun and add flair to your purse. You know those fancy curtains with the tassels? Those tassels come on keychains in every color and the key rings can be different kinds of metal, allowing you to personalize it to your style. What a fun way to add a little flair to your purse – just attach a keychain to the zipper pull or handle and you’ve got a super cute place to put your keys and you won’t have to search for them at the bottom of your bag anymore. You can also try a keychain on the zipper pull of your wallet to make getting to your change pocket easier.

Ever thought about putting jewelry on your purse? If you’re lucky, an older female relative may have passed on some beautiful clip-on earrings or fun necklaces that you love but don’t want to wear. Hair clips are another great option – they come in so many fun colors and bejeweled designs. They are perfect to clip to your purse. You could even use a bobby pin with decorative jewels to slip onto the edge of an external pocket or on a zipper pull. Attach a necklace to your purse handle for a personalized touch. It’s a great way to show some individuality in an unexpected place.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect purse. It has to look right, not have too many sparkles or colors, and feel right, not too big or too heavy. Sometimes you end up with a bag you like but don’t love. Why not DIY? Use a glue gun to add studs, brooches, beads or buttons and you’ve got a totally revamped bag that fits your personal style. Plus, when you get compliments on it you can reply, “Thanks – I personalized it myself!” Ribbons are also a great way to add flair and function. Tie one around a broken zipper handle for an easy way to get into your bag. In a pinch, you can untie the ribbon from your purse and use it to hold back your hair! Talk about handy.

We’ve all had that moment while running errands where our scarf is just too hot! We often tie it to our purse handles to keep it from getting lost. Why not do that on purpose with a pretty scarf? Try a patterned silk scarf to add some flair to your everyday bag. Run the scarf through both handles and tie it into a bow. This is another occasion where an older female relative may have passed on some gorgeous heirlooms to you that would be perfect to use on your bag. Those old floral scarves that your great aunt loved would dress up your going-to-work purse beautifully. We bet she’d approve!

Tell us what you like to carry in your purse! Comment below.

Try these options to accessorize your purse.


Comments (2)

Rose Gonzales

I keep wallets make up bag lots of stuff, I love purrses!

Monroe and Main

Hi Rose,

Same for us! We love purses and handbags and all sorts of bags! No matter what the occasion or what look you are going for, there is always a bag that can complete your outfit, and/or make your day easier by serving practical purposes! Thanks for commenting!

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Published on Jan 16 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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