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Woman wearing red and black spliced dress and black lace heels

Elevate your look with pops of color

While summer weather brings to mind bright colors, light fabrics and pretty patterns, colder temperatures can sometimes make our fashion choices a bit more subdued. Think about how many black and grey coats you see while out and about during the winter – all of those colorful fabrics can start to seem very far away. One of the most exciting current fashion trends for fall is aiming to make things a bit brighter: wearing pops of color. Incorporating bold and vivid hues into your ensembles can elevate your look this season. Here’s how to embrace the trend:

Try color blocking

Color blocking offers the perfect opportunity to add bright accents into your wardrobe because the garments themselves are already colorful. Consider a color-block dress, for example. The combination of one or two bold colors along with a neutral will instantly give you an on-trend look without having to put anything else on. Plus, color blocking patterns are often large and geometric, which make them both visually interesting and figure flattering.

woman wearing a color block dress


If there’s one thing fall is known for in the fashion world it’s layering. Layering clothing is a stylish way to embrace the season, but it’s also an effective way to wear this colorful trend – simply use neutral and colorful layers. A cardigan in a neutral beige would look beautiful over a brightly colored top and black trousers, for instance. You can even make the colorful garment more of a focal point by wearing a bright sleeveless dress with a black long-sleeved tee or a simple white button-up shirt underneath.

woman wearing a layered look

Choose your hue

When adding pops of color to your look, you first have to decide on a color scheme. It’s a good idea to choose just one or two hues so that they can really stand out and make a statement. Go for colors that coordinate with each other by choosing ones with the same vibrancy or in the same color family. Looking for something more autumn-oriented? There are tons of amazing fall colors you can play around with. Try bright cobalt blue, deep aubergine or rich merlot for a fashion-forward look.

woman wearing a trendy colored top and matching printed skirt

Wear neutrals

Consider your favorite little black dress: Whether you’re going to work or dressing up for a night out, this garment is the perfect canvas for adding color accents to your outfits. In fact, one of the easiest ways to embrace this trend is by using neutral clothing as your base. That could mean pairing black trousers and a white blouse with a colorful cardigan or vest, or wearing a navy sheath dress with a vibrant statement necklace. Neutrals go well with tons of different colors, but they also work well for this trend in another way: They offer a good contrast, letting your pop of color shine noticeably brighter.

woman wearing a neutral colored outfit

Take it to the office

There are tons of options for wearing pops of color at the office during fall, so look for ways to add some brightness into your workwear. For example, a simple skirt suit can be elevated with bright shoes and a statement necklace. Or, pair a vibrant blazer with neutral pants and a basic T-shirt – the opportunities are truly endless.

coral colored jacket

Use accessories

By far one of the best (and easiest) ways to update your outfits with colorful accents is to use accessories. From your shoes to your handbag to your jewelry, accessories function well as bright highlights. Plus, picking up a few key pieces of jewelry, scarves and shoes can keep you dressing colorfully all season long.

To learn more about matching colors to your outfit, check out our shoe color guide.

turquoise jewelry set

If your fall wardrobe is looking a little muted, use these ideas to help you spice things up and elevate your ensembles every day! Don’t forget you can also buy now and pay later with the Monroe & Main Credit plan.

Comment below about which one you are most excited to try!

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