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How to wear aubergine

Certain colors are staples based on what season it is. During summer, it’s bright shades like white or yellow; or winter color schemes in darker shades. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your wardrobe with earthy colors of aubergine color palette, including marsala, eggplant, and, of course, timeless red.

These shades are making their way to the forefront of colors for women’s fashion. And yet, some who consider themselves fashion-forward still struggle to incorporate these shades into their life. Don’t worry; you can explore these colors in lots of innovative ways.

What color is aubergine?

Essentially, aubergine is the fashion industry’s term for the rich, purple hue of eggplant, also sometimes incorrectly spelled ‘obersheen.’ Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty and opulence, and aubergine is no exception. Wearing this deep shade of purple keeps your ensemble on-trend while eliciting elegance and grandeur. Equally sophisticated, marsala, is similar to maroon or cranberries. It exudes confidence and stability; an eye-catching shade that’s flattering on any woman’s body.

Plus-sized model wearing a burgundy parka with black fur boots.

How to wear aubergine

Because aubergine, marsala, and red can be bold, it’s best to incorporate them in small doses or at least with other complementing hues. If you want to wear aubergine all over, go with a patterned dress that hosts this color. Gingham and paisley look great with these deep shades. That way, you can dip your toes into the colors to start. With a print, you still won’t overpower your ensemble with this hue, but you’ll effortlessly showcase a beautifully bold outfit. Then match your belt and other accessories to make these shades stand out more.

Once you’re more comfortable, you can let these rich shades serve as a way to showcase your daring style. Don’t go with just any aubergine or marsala blouse, for example. Opt for a top with a deep-V neckline. Not only does this shirt style create dimension in your ensemble, but the longer lines of the V-neck help lengthen your upper body, contributing to an overall leaner shape. Easily pair this type of top with stretch jeans for a fabulous nighttime look, or show off your sophisticated side at the office by wearing this shirt with tummy-control dress pants or a pencil skirt.

A deep red coat makes a great statement and looks good with almost everything. Though appropriate for the holiday season, the color will look beautiful all year, so you’ll be able to wear it again and again. A skirt in purple, maroon or red is a good wardrobe addition because skirts are very versatile and can be worn year​-round. Wear the skirt with dark tights and a black cardigan during winter and with a white blouse during spring and summer.

Plus size model wearing burgundy parka with black gloves.

What colors go with aubergine?

When styling aubergine, it’s important to consider complementary colors and pieces that enhance this rich hue. Aubergine pairs beautifully with neutrals like black, gray, and cream, creating a classic and sophisticated look. For a chic outfit, try combining an aubergine blouse with black dress pants or a gray cardigan. This combination allows the deep purple of aubergine to stand out while maintaining a balanced and elegant ensemble.

For a more daring and stylish approach, consider mixing aubergine with colors that complement purple on the color wheel. Shades of green, such as forest, moss, or olive, can create a striking contrast with aubergine. Try pairing an aubergine dress with olive green accessories or incorporating moss-colored elements into your outfit to showcase your style skills. By experimenting with different color combinations, you can create unique and eye-catching looks that highlight the beauty of aubergine.

Or, keep it simple and pair it with your favorite denim jeans and jacket!

plus size woman in denim jacket

Add it with an accessory

Monochromatic outfits have their perks, that’s for sure. All-black getups are classic, slimming and can boost anyone’s self confidence. However, these purple, maroon and red shades are a great choice when incorporating pops of color into your outfit, and accessories provide the perfect way to apply this strategy.

First, know that adding an unexpected element, such as a bright color, into your ensemble allows you to enhance your figure. For example, you can add a red leather belt to cinch your waist. The bold color will draw attention to the smallest part of your waist and create a beautiful figure. Likewise, wearing bold, aubergine shoes can draw eyes to your feet, counterbalancing your upper half – an effective body slimming strategy. Plus, with only one item featuring this color, you’ll effectively integrate the hue into your ensemble without overwhelming your style.

Don’t limit yourself, though! Jewelry is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe without extreme commitment. When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, you want jewelry and colors that will pop! Red is just the color you’re looking for. No matter what the occasion is, a beautiful red necklace or earrings pairs great with an outfit. In addition, if you’re opting for a monochromatic getup, such as white or black, your fashion jewelry for women will contrast perfectly.

aubergine and blue necklaces

On the other hand, you can choose from a plethora of adorable fashion necklaces. These will add that extra something to your outfit. Aubergine and ruby-toned jewels symbolize sensuality and passion, so they could spice up a handful of outfits just by the addition of an accessory around your neck.

A pair of earrings with ruby-colored gemstones is a great way to bring marsala into your wardrobe. Whether you like smaller stud earrings or long dangling ones, they’ll be perfect for any number of occasions and outfits.

Another easy way to add color to your life that not many women think about is through a bright watch. Chunky and bright watches are in, no matter what season it is. This accessory will perk up any ensemble – from your standard workday pantsuit to your classic weekend relaxation gear.

Every woman knows that one of the most important accessories is a handbag. Instead of opting for a traditional shade of black or brown, try an aubergine, marsala or red. Look for a structured shoulder bag that is polished and sophisticated. This arm candy will help you take any outfit to the next level effortlessly. A wine-colored handbag can be used in any season, so it’s a really great investment. If you work in an office, a marsala briefcase or tote bag can add some style while being practical and work-appropriate.

aubergine bag

Add a pop of color to your simple and casual jeans and T-shirt look with a deep-purple or deep-red hat. The marsala color will contrast beautifully with any shade of hair, and hats are a great way to show off some personality.

An adorable way to explore these colors is to wear a fashion scarf. A silk scarf looks great with a black or white blouse. On the other hand, a knit infinity scarf will keep you warm and look chic. Wear a deep-red knit scarf to add style to a simple black coat and stay warm at the same time. Or throw a decorative marsala-colored scarf on over a neutral sweater and wear it all day. If your summer wardrobe needs a bit of flair, try adding it in with a pair of marsala sunglasses. That way you can wear the color all the time!

Berry and Black Cap with flower brooch.

50 shades of cosmetics

Remember that everything from your head to your toes can be part of your outfit. Consider your makeup routine as well. Women have been wearing various shades of red lipstick for decades. That’s because not only is it classic, but there is a perfect shade of crimson for every skin tone and hair color. Bright lip color enhances confidence and takes you to the next level.

Deep wine has become popular more recently. These colors can range from purple to colors that even look black. They can look great with dark getups and embody sophistication. Orangey red really highlights your face. The bright undertones can make it look like summer on your lips, even if it’s snowing outside. The hot orange-crimson look is definitely something you should try if you’re feeling adventurous.

Don’t limit yourself to products for your lips, however. Red is a color component in all cosmetics. For instance, a rosy red could look great on your cheeks with a powder or creamy blush.

Put it on your feet

When it comes to adding a color, always look to your feet for guidance. Footwear is the best way to add some punch to any outfit. First, determine what kind of shoe you’ll be sporting. A red pair of pumps is striking and bold, while a pair of booties can look great, especially with a long black coat. Red pumps even pair well with casual outfits, especially blue jeans. They add a level of sophistication to your outfit without overdoing it. These are a staple in any woman’s closet. However, for those days that you want to give your ankle a break, whip out a pair of red flats. You’ll still get the bright shade, just in a more practical shoe.

Brown and red-tipped buckle shoe with zipper back

Every woman should have a pair of ankle boots, but one in the dark red hue will really make a statement. Show off the boots by wearing them with a pair of slim-fitting pants.

Don’t be afraid to add color into your wardrobe. It can be done in more ways than you think! And speaking of more colors . . .

What colors go with the aubergine color?

Pairing multiple colors in an outfit is always a challenge, especially with a brilliant hue like aubergine. Neutrals will always complement this shade, as they would with any other color. Consider wearing an aubergine blouse with jeans, black dress pants, or a gray cardigan. Wearing white with aubergine is perhaps the perfect pair. However, be aware white or cream-colored accents will attract the eye. Make sure you are showing your best look.

If you want to really show off your style skills, wear aubergine with colors that complement purple. According to Cosmopolitan’s explanation of color palettes, their color wheel shows purple or eggplant pairs well with green. Coordinate shades by wearing this deep purple with a dark forest, moss, or olive green.

Yes, you can easily welcome aubergine, marsala, or red into your wardrobe by following these fashion tips. With the latest styles, you’ll feel comfortable and confident all year long.

Tell us how you plan to incorporate this lovely shade into your wardrobe in the comments below!

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Just ordered an Aubergine colored Small Cafe Bag from Tom Bihn. What a stunner! I love purples but this is one of my very favorites. Thanks for your detailed article.

I was given a pair og deep burgundy or aubergine…wedge style.
I have no idea what color dress to wear with them.
What about a mustard yellow dress for a dramatic contrast. Or is that too much.
I’m lucky as almost every color loos good on me. I want it to be WOW

That is not aubergine, it’s more like damson,

I loved learning that this deep hue of purple is called aubergine, now I’m in the know in case any of my friends ask what color is in! 😉 I absolutely love the shade of aubergine and plan on getting a solid top to start with and then perhaps I will move on to a mixed print…baby steps for me…lol

Adore the new colors – fantastic! I am pleased to be wearing and love to order more.

Thanks Joyce!! We’d love for you to order more too!!

I absolutely adore this color. I think I’ll start with a hat and move on from there. Thx

Great idea Esther!!

Since “purple” is one of my favorite colors, and it looks good on me (lucked out!), I welcome this new hue!
I am so excited to see what I can do!
Let’s wear it well ladies!!!!!

Thanks for the great comment Peggy!

I love love this color and I intend to wear it this year.

Sounds great Barbara!!

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