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How to wear aubergine

2 women wearing different aubergine outfits

Aubergine is making its way to the forefront of colors for this season’s fashion. That’s why we’ve incorporated this rich hue into many of our fall pieces, so our customers can look and feel confident while staying on-trend. Have you been browsing items featuring this stellar color? Here’s everything you need to know about aubergine:

What is aubergine?

Aubergine has been wiggling its way into the style world, making its most apparent debut this season. As such, it may be a new shade for some ladies. Essentially, aubergine is the fashion industry’s term for eggplant purple. In fact, people in some countries outside the U.S. refer to eggplants as aubergines, making the word all the more appropriate for describing the rich, purple hue.

Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty and opulence, and aubergine is no exception. Wearing this deep shade of purple keeps your ensemble on-trend with the season while eliciting elegance and grandeur.

woman in aubergine colored fedora hat

Integrate aubergine in small doses

Because aubergine is such a bold color, it’s best to incorporate it in small doses or at least with other complementing hues. With that in mind, let this rich shade serve as a way to showcase your daring style. Don’t go with just any aubergine blouse. Opt for a top with a deep-V neckline. Not only does this shirt style create dimension in your ensemble, but the longer lines of the V-neck help lengthen your upper body, contributing to an overall leaner shape. Easily pair this type of top with stretch jeans for a fabulous nighttime look, or show off your sophisticated side at the office by wearing this shirt with tummy control dress pants or a pencil skirt. Plus, with only one item featuring this color, you’ll effectively integrate the hue into your ensemble without overwhelming your style.

woman wearing aubergine top

This shade is a great choice when incorporating pops of color into your outfit, and aubergine accessories provide the perfect way to apply this strategy. First, know that adding an unexpected element, such as a bright color, into your ensemble allows you to enhance your figure. For example, a vibrant yellow belt on a neutral navy dress may put the focus on your small middle. Likewise, wearing bold, aubergine shoes can draw eyes to your feet, counterbalancing your upper half – an effective body slimming strategy.

Parma Shoe by Bellini

If you want to wear aubergine all over, go with a patterned dress that hosts this color. With a print, you still won’t overpower your ensemble with this hue, but you’ll effortlessly showcase a beautifully bold outfit. Make a dress even more appropriate for fall by pairing it with knee-high boots or tights. Throw on a lightweight scarf for added warmth and autumn flair.

Colors that complement aubergine

Pairing multiple colors in an outfit is always a challenge, especially with a brilliant hue like aubergine. Neutrals will always complement this shade, as they would with any other color. Consider wearing an aubergine blouse with jeans, black dress pants or a gray cardigan.

Another easy way to work aubergine in with several tones is to wear it in a print. When the pattern automatically incorporates other colors, you’ll feel confident knowing your vibrant outfit was designed with color coordination in mind.

If you want to really show off your style skills, wear aubergine with colors that complement purple. According to Cosmopolitan’s explanation of the color wheel, purple pairs well with green. Coordinate shades by wearing this deep purple with a dark forest, moss or olive green.

Easily welcome aubergine into your fall wardrobe by following these fashion tips. With the latest fall styles, you’ll feel comfortable and confident all season long.

woman in multi-colored dress

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Comments (11)

Barbara Edwards

I love love this color and I intend to wear it this year.

Monroe and Main

Sounds great Barbara!!

Peggy Johnson

Since “purple” is one of my favorite colors, and it looks good on me (lucked out!), I welcome this new hue!
I am so excited to see what I can do!
Let’s wear it well ladies!!!!!

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the great comment Peggy!

Esther Morrison

I absolutely adore this color. I think I’ll start with a hat and move on from there. Thx

Monroe and Main

Great idea Esther!!

Joyce Myles

Adore the new colors – fantastic! I am pleased to be wearing and love to order more.

Monroe and Main

Thanks Joyce!! We’d love for you to order more too!!

Brandi B.

I loved learning that this deep hue of purple is called aubergine, now I’m in the know in case any of my friends ask what color is in! 😉 I absolutely love the shade of aubergine and plan on getting a solid top to start with and then perhaps I will move on to a mixed print…baby steps for me…lol


That is not aubergine, it’s more like damson,

Brenda Melady

I was given a pair og deep burgundy or aubergine…wedge style.
I have no idea what color dress to wear with them.
What about a mustard yellow dress for a dramatic contrast. Or is that too much.
I’m lucky as almost every color loos good on me. I want it to be WOW

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Published on Aug 11 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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