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Winter color palette: Red

woman wearing a red hat with black ribbon and black and white sweater

There are certain colors that are staples based on what season it is and red is one of them. During summer, more women gravitate toward bright shades like white or yellow. On the other hand, winter color schemes tend to embody darker shades. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your winter wardrobe with the color red. Here are some ways to incorporate this traditional color during the colder months:

woman wearing a red top

Add it with an accessory

Monochromatic outfits have their perks, that’s for sure. All-black getups are classic, slimming and can boost anyone’s self confidence. However, this winter, try adding a little bit of color that will pop. For example, you can add a red leather belt to cinch your waist. The bold color will draw attention to the smallest part of your waist and create a beautiful figure. On the other hand, you can choose from a plethora of adorable fashion necklaces. These will add that extra something to your outfit. Ruby-toned jewels symbolize sensuality and passion, so they could spice up a handful of outfits just by the addition of an accessory around your neck.

Don’t limit yourself, though! Jewelry is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe without extreme commitment. In fact, the darker the clothes you wear, the more the color red will shine.

woman wearing a red hat

50 shades of cosmetics

Some women forget that everything from your head to your toes can be part of your outfit. So when you’re trying to integrate a color into your life, don’t just stop at clothing. Consider your makeup routine as well. Women have been wearing red lipstick for decades. That’s because not only is it classic, but there is a perfect shade of crimson for every skin tone and hair color out there. Bright lip color enhances confidence and takes you to the next level. However, there are many different shades and textures you can choose from. Here is what you need to know about the various shades of red lipstick.

  • Classic red: This shade is the most common among women. This fiery hue can come in any number of finishes, from satin to matte to a stain. No matter what you choose, this will update any look you’re trying out. A couple of notes: Opt or a blue-based hue. It will make your teeth look whiter. In addition, if you’re going to be wearing the color for a long period of time, including drinking and eating, a stain will last the entire night without drying.
  • Deep wine: This color has become popular more recently, especially in the fall seasons. However, the runways have extended this trend into winter, as well. These colors can range from purple to even colors that look black. They can look great with dark getups and embody a sophistication.
  • Orangey red: This color is a little bit more ambitious than the shades most women are used to, but it can really highlight your face. The bright undertones can make it look like summer on your lips even if it’s snowing outside. The hot orange crimson look is definitely something you should try if you’re feeling adventurous.

Don’t limit yourself to products for your lips, however. Red is one of the color components in all cosmetics. For instance, a rosy red could look great on your cheeks with a powder or creamy blush.

Let’s talk about hair

Buying a red handbag could brighten your day – and your wardrobe – but what about taking it the extra step? If you are looking to switch up your hairstyle, try dying your hair red! From auburn to copper to ginger, there is a shade for every skin type. Red is the rarest natural hair color, but with a good colorist you can rock this hue in your locks.

If you don’t want too drastic a change, try red highlights or undertones. That way, you can still incorporate this fun color into your tresses. Note: Red hair can make your skin look paler, which is great for appearing luminous during the winter.

Put it on your feet

When it comes to adding a color, always look to your feet for guidance. Footwear is the best way to add some punch to any outfit. First determine what kind of shoe you’ll be sporting. A red pair of pumps is striking and bold, while a pair of booties can look great especially with a long black coat. Red pumps even pair well with casual outfits, especially blue jeans. They add a level of sophistication to your outfit without overdoing it.

With the holidays approaching, be wary of wearing red and green together – they can look too festive. Unless of course it’s for a holiday party. Then, the more matching the merrier!

Don’t be afraid to add color into your wardrobe. It can be done in more ways than you think!

red shoes

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Hi Monroe and Main. Love your RED stuff. But i’ve always loved RED.
I’ll be 75 next Monday. Love the hat I recently purchased from you all.

Lydia K. Fox

Monroe and Main

Thanks Lydia! Happy almost birthday! 🙂 75 years young! Glad you love the hat you purchased from us! 🙂

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Published on Dec 26 2015

Last Updated on Nov 08 2021

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