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Fall Trend Report

Several women wearing different styles of clothing

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Fall is one of the best times of the year when it comes to style. Chances are, by the times the leaves are changing, you’ve burned yourself out on strappy sandals and sun dresses. Fall fashion is the perfect opportunity to bust out that cozy sweater you’ve been missing and invest in a new pair of boots. Here are some of the looks that are on our radar for our fall trend report:

“Go ahead and wear your reading glasses.”

Chic Geek

Chic geek is a look that spectacle-wearers have been wishing would come into style for years. Don’t worry, it won’t have you cringing while you remember your seventh grade class photos. Instead, chic geek embraces studious staples, like cardigans, pinstripes, oxfords and, dare I say it, reading glasses. So give your eyes a break and don’t bother with your contacts when you’re rocking a chic geek aesthetic. Here are a few staples you need to pull off the perfect Ivy League look.

  • Socks: Over-the-knee socks paired with a skirt is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall. Many women are intimidated by these types of socks because it can be tough to make the outfit look professional or mature. The key to not looking too risque or childish is to pair it with a tailored, collared shirt and a skirt that isn’t too short.
  • Pants: Work pants for women have a tendency to not fit properly. Many women wear them too long to be worn with flats or too short to be paired with heels. A great way to avoid this is to go with a tailored, cropped pair. Perfect for fall, a pair of well-fitting crops can be worn with booties, heels, flats or your chic geek oxfords.
  • Layers: Try layering your favorite sleeveless dress over a chiffon blouse or a tight turtleneck sweater. Not only is this option great for the summer to fall transition, but with a pair of opaque tights, it can take you all the way through winter as well.


Weekend Cozy

There is nothing wrong with being comfy on your days off when you’ve been restricted with business professional attire all week. However, just because you’re keeping it casual doesn’t mean you have to make it sloppy. There are so many ways to pull off a weekend look that’s effortless yet stylish. Whether it’s a broken-in pair of boyfriend jeans, a nice pair of leather booties or that wrap sweater that you can’t leave the house without, your weekend wear can be worn lounging on the couch, running errands or enjoying a warm latte at your favorite cafe this fall. Try some of these pieces:

  • Sweaters: Women’s sweater coats are a great option for the fall. Sure, layering is great, but wouldn’t you rather have a sweater that acts as a coat than having to wear both pieces? Opt for a neutral color that you’ll be able to match with any outfit, no matter the occasion. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little – you’ll be be getting a lot of use out of it!
  • Shoes: For a weekend cozy look, you’ll want to make sure your feet are comfortable. This means nixing any sort of shoe that you can’t wear for an extended period of time. Try a pair of versatile sneakers or a pair of cowboy booties. You don’t need to wear a heel to look chic!
  • Jeans: Nothing says carefree like a pair of jeans. However, nothing says careless like a pair of ill-fitting jeans. Opt for a pair of women’s skinny jeans that aren’t too tight or too loose. Not only will these be comfy and chic, but you can dress them up or down. Nothing beats versatility!

Go Boho

What’s there not to love about the 1970s? Music was better, cars were sturdier and the fashion was on point. Luckily, the boho-inspired look is coming back this fall, so you can channel all of that ’70s goodness in your wardrobe. However, many people have a tough time mastering the boho look without looking like they’re dressing up as a hippie. Here are some tips to rocking the perfect boho style without looking too kitschy, just classic.

  • Patterns: Floral, paisley, tie dye: embrace it all. One of the greatest things about boho fashion is the array of patterns it typically consists of. Just be sure to invest in some plain-colored staple pieces as well so you won’t have to mix too many patterns together!
  • Crochet: Unique sweaters are a must for any women looking to channel a boho look. Whether you opt for a crochet or a fringed style, opting for an eye-catching top gives you so many options for the rest of your outfit. Consider wearing it with a leather boots or a large hobo bag.
  • Hats: Whether you cover your head with a floppy hat or an ethereal scarf, a true boho woman cannot be without a wide selection of hats. Not only do these add a little bit of extra flair to every outfit, but they’re also the perfect option for when your hair just isn’t doing what you want it to do.




“Fringe can be incredibly chic.”


Chances are, if you find yourself drawn to the boho aesthetic, fringe also has its place in your wardrobe. Typically associated with a Southwestern look, there are plenty of ways to rock some fringe without seeming like you’re about to go work on a ranch. It can be challenging to successfully wear fringe, especially if you take it too far, but if you know when to rein it in, it can be incredibly chic. Here are some fringe tips to take into account when planning your outfit:

  • Accessories: A fringe bag or a pair of boots with fringe around the ankles are great ways to start out if you’re unsure about jumping on the fringey bandwagon. If you like leather handbags, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a high-quality fringed bag to polish off your look.
  • Jackets: The fashion world has come a long way since the heavy fringe suede jackets of the ’70s. Try a fringe shawl or boho-style jacket for a touch of fringe that’s a bit more eye-catching than a bag or shoes. These types of staples go great with earth tone outfits and give you a carefree yet polished look.
  • Skirts: Fringe skirts are great for women who want to show a little bit of leg without wearing a miniskirt. Solid color skirts can be easily dressed up with a a touch of fringe for some fun and flirty flair.


There’s something undeniably cool about checked patterns. It’s such an easy pattern to dress up for the workplace or dress down for the weekend. It’s a classic print that’s been tweaked hundreds of times, yet continues to stay timeless. While you may already have mastered this print, it’s expected to experience a resurgence in the coming months as the weather gets cooler. Here are some ideas to rock that checked print in a way that impresses everyone, no matter where you are:

  • Shirt: What is a bigger wardrobe staple than a classic plaid, button-down shirt? While it can be worn on its own for weekend wear, you can also layer a shrug cardigan over it for casual Friday. Pair it with some cropped pants and a some booties for a fashion-forward fall look. Trying buttoning it up all the way and wearing a statement necklace with it.
  • Jacket: You know those cool fall days when it’s too warm to wear a heavy jacket but too cool to just go out in a T-shirt? This is the perfect opportunity to utilize your checked shirt as a jacket. Invest in a cozy flannel one in a size bigger than you’d wear if you wore it as a shirt rather than a jacket.
  • Skirt: Don’t panic! You may associate plaid skirts with schoolgirl uniforms or punk rock teenager, but that’s not all that they’re good for. Go for a pencil-fit in a classic plaid pattern. If your plaid skirt does have pleats, steer clear of cardigans or blouses so you don’t look too studious.


Comments (47)

Miriam melendez

Love the Autumn style, i can see myself purchasing something

Monroe and Main

Thanks for commenting – We love that you love Autumn style too! Our complete collection will be available July 27th at!

Gayle Frazier

To make a payment over the phone

Monroe and Main

Hello Gayle,

Please feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. All of our customer service information as well as information on how to pay your bill can be found here:

Also please do not hesitate to follow up with any questions you may have!


Will they please bring back MAXI coats…

Monroe and Main


Thanks for the suggestion I will pass this along to our merchandising team for the future! We do have a few full length dusters and cardigans you may enjoy! Check them out here:


Can’t wait to start wearing the Fall style . Fall is my favorite season.

Monroe and Main

Totally agree! We love Fall Fashion here at Monroe and Main too! Thanks for commenting!

Tamela drews

Love all the fall styles shown. Have some wonderful ideas that i need to dress for any occasion thank you

Monroe and Main

Glad you enjoyed our post! Thanks for commenting!

Sandra Strohmeyer

Love Monroe and Main. Can’t wait for their fall catalog

Monroe and Main

Hi Sandra,
We are super excited for the fall catalog as well – Should be mailed in only about a week!

nancy haut

excited about the fall fashions-looking forward to a great selection of new handbags

Monroe and Main

Hey Nancy!
We love handbags here at Monroe and Main! Hope you enjoy our soon to be released fall collection!


Add more houndstooth pattern stuff but otherwise I love everything coming up and I can’t wait.

Monroe and Main

Love your suggestion! I will make sure to pass this along to our merchandisers! We do have some houndstooth patterned items available, and with our new fall products arriving there should be a few more! I encourage you to check them out here:

michelle sims

Really nicely put to gather.and the models are working it go girls

Monroe and Main

Hi Michelle,

Yeah they are! We love our models and our new fall trends!

Gloria Coats - Woods

The fall styles is wonderful look very good

Monroe and Main

Hi Gloria,

Thanks so much for commenting! We love your feedback!


Esta informacion la tienen en espanol?

Monroe and Main

Si se llama a nuestro representante de servicio al cliente en este número, ellos estarán encantados de ayudarle a ordenar o responder a cualquier pregunta que pueda tener: 877-316-7584


Textured turtlenecks PLEASE! Nothing more cozy than snuggling up with the hubby, sipping a lovely hot spiced cider and keeping the autumn chill off while wearing a thicker turtleneck and a nice scarf (either in shawl style, or as a scarf). The cotton turtlenecks just don’t have the aesthetic appeal of a lovely cable knit or multi-stitch design knit turtleneck.

Those of us “snow birds” depend on them as a fall/winter staple! ^.^

Monroe and Main

Thank you so much for your suggestion! That really does sound wonderful for the fall season! I will pass this information on to our merchandisers!

Amy Kerznar

I love the plaid!!!!

Monroe and Main

Hey Amy,
So do we – It is such a great pattern to have for the upcoming fall season on just about anything, whether is is in a dress, a skirt, a scarf, a hat or even shoes!

Pamela garner

I simply love monroe&main mains styles whether it be summer or the new and up and coming styles just Great!!!!!!

Monroe and Main

Hi Pamela,

Thank you so much for commenting! We love hearing from our amazing customers!


Love your clothes and all the styles..many things are hanging in my closet.. can’t wait for fall..

Monroe and Main

Hey Joan,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We love the fall too! Check us out and like our page on Facebook to get the most up-to-date postings of when our new fall line is released and for even more tips and trend alerts!

R. Jenkins

Love those styles, they’re gorgeous!
Looking forward to make a purchase

Monroe and Main

Hi R. Jenkins,

Thanks so much for commenting! We love our new fall trends and styles this year! Check out or our online catalog at for complete access to all of our great products! Also, please do not hesitate to contact one of our amazing customer service reps with any questions or problems or feedback at 800-727-9496!

Rose Nelson

I love Monroe and Main clothes. Good material and i can’t wait to see what they will e having this fall for myself. It is hard to find clothing , as i am short and very much so on the Heavy side. Wish you had more women models on the heavier side as well. Gives myself a better view as to what it would look like then to return some thing that looks bad.

Monroe and Main

Hi Rose,
Thank you so much for your feedback! Here at Monroe and Main we believe that style has no size and completely agree with you that it helps make shopping a whole lot easier and makes you feel better about your purchase! We are in the process of updating a lot of our images on our website and soon we hope our website will feature our products on plus size models along with the other images.

Jeanette Perez

I’ve always loved your fall collection! Those are what I have purchased more along with boots. Only please try to make a size 4 petite pants.

Monroe and Main

Thank you so much for your feedback! I will definitely pass this information along!

Linda Deleon

Love the new fall styles

Monroe and Main

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for commenting! Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Monroe and Main! Soon our complete fall line will be available! For now, check out some of our newly arrived fall pieces, and get them in plenty of time to prepare for the first signs of fall weather and fashion!



Monroe and Main

Hey Deborah,

We love that tunic, it is a great piece to have for the upcoming fall season, but not as much as we love your feedback! Nothing makes us happier here at Monroe and Main than knowing our awesome customers like you are happy!

Kelly albrecht

Love love love! Will I also be getting a catalog in the mail?! I hope so!

Monroe and Main

We love that you love love love!! Our new fall catalog should be sent out soon! Where has the summer gone already!? If you have not already been receiving catalogs or would like to request one check out this link: Thanks for commenting!


The count down is on, July 27th! Can’t wait to see the rest. Extremely impressed with the items I’ve already seen.

Monroe and Main

Hey Angela,

We are super excited too because today is the day! Hope you will check out all of our new fall items. If you have any questions or any feedback please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service reps as they would love to help make your Monroe and Main experience hassle free. Thanks for commenting!

Yevette Cooper

Can’t wait to see the whole book. I ordered from the book for the first this summer, I really love the fit of everything I purchased. I know I will be ordering again.

Monroe and Main

Hi Yevette,

That is so great to hear! We are very excited about our fall catalog, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Thanks for commenting!

Monroe and Main

Hi Linda,

We are so happy that you enjoy our collection. Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers are happy! Thank you for commenting.

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