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Featuring the mermaid kick skirt style

The perfect bottom for summer: the mermaid kick skirt style.


The fit and flare form of the mermaid kick skirt style provides a perfect bottom for the summer season.

Breezy like a skirt but stable like a pant, this item will keep you cool, comfortable and chic. Discover the benefits of incorporating this clothing piece into your wardrobe:

Get the perfect silhouette
The unique mermaid kick style skirt fits like a pencil skirt, but it flares out at the bottom just below the knee. The added mermaid style allows you to avoid the uncomfortable shuffling required to walk in a restricting pencil skirt; however, the silhouette gives you that same sleek, chic frame. This style provides more leg room and better air flow, keeping you cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

Aside from comfort level of this clothing item, the fit also delivers a fashion-forward look. Mermaid style has been trending for a while and so have midi skirts (skirts that fall between the knee and ankle). Pairing these two beloved fashion features into one pieces is a great way to showcase an up-to-date style.

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Transition from day to night
With our busy schedules, it can be hard to take the extra time to change outfits for different venues. One of the great aspects of the mermaid kick style skirt is that it can go from day to night in a flash. The skirt’s pleated mermaid hem adds a formal element that makes these bottoms a great option for the workplace, especially when it’s incorporated into skirt suits. Mimic the flared hem in a peplum top, and pair the skirt with a sharp blazer and professional pumps to complete the look.

Waste no time transitioning from a day at the office to a night on the town with friends. The flirty mermaid skirt and the sleek pencil shape can easily turn this style into an after-dark look, just switch out the other ensemble pieces. Pair it with a silky tank and bold, dangling earrings to dress up the look.

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Select the right shoes
When selecting footwear to coordinate with this skirt, opt for sleek styles to mimic the fitted form of these bottoms. For example, thin-heeled stilettos would pair better with this skirt than a chunky wedge. Though wedges are a summer wardrobe staple, they may widen the lower half of your body, countering the sleek silhouette provided with the pencil skirt shape.

Experiment with all the looks the mermaid kick style skirt can provide. With the versatility of this piece, you’ll be able to reflect any personality.

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