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Get bold with black and white

A timeless combination, the stark contrast of black and white delivers a level of sophistication above any other color fusion.

Whether you incorporate this mix in small doses or wear it head to toe, you’re guaranteed a fashion-forward and flattering look. However, this summer, you’ll be seeing this dynamic color duo all overĀ in very bold ways. Make a statement this season by incorporating black and white in your wardrobe and overall style.

Seeing Spots Dress

Black and white wardrobe

Black has long been known as a flattering color. While the dark shade hides any bumps or areas on the body you don’t want to draw attention to, it doesn’t have to be used just to cover up. When paired with white, it provides enough variation that you can wear this combo from head to toe. For example, you can wear a black or white top with the opposite color bottoms, or pick one main color with the other accenting the ensemble in the pattern or embellishments.

Stripes enhance the stark contrast of these two bold colors, effectively intensifying your style. Parallel lines specifically draw the eye in the direction they flow, so diagonal and vertical stripes will pull attention from the top down, making you look tall and lean. Capitalize on these elements by selecting a top or dress with black and white stripes.

Stripes Duster

Accessories as accents

Though wearing neutrals typically allows your bold jewelry to stand out, let the outfit speak for itself this summer. To make sure the accessories coordinate and don’t draw too much attention away from the fabulous fit of your black and white ensemble, focus on subtlety. For example, selecting a single color for jewelry will ensure one piece doesn’t stand out over the other, but it will still add refinement and elegance to the outfit. Gold or silver pieces work well with the black and white combination. To achieve this balanced style, look for these colors in metallic studs on handbags or sandals, and select jewelry made of gold or silver.

Beaded Necklace Set

Bold makeup

The intensity of the black and white contrast warrants an equally bold look with makeup. Enhance your style by selecting a daring lip color. Deep red works well with fair skin, and burnt or bright orange is the perfect match for darker skin.

You can also play up this style with a chic smoky eye. Using darker colors on the outer edge of your lid and lighter colors toward the bridge of your nose provides a blended divergence that captures the same theme as your outfit but in a softer way.

Experiment with these colors in other elements of your wardrobe, such as hats, scarves and handbags. The classic combination will always be in style.

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