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How to add gold accessories to your wardrobe

Sure, your outfits are mostly about the clothes, whether you’re wearing a little black dress or a jeans-and-tee ensemble. But for many women, the clothes aren’t the only part of a great outfit: Accessories are pretty important as well. If you think about it, a statement necklace, colorful handbag, or braided belt can change the look of an outfit considerably. In that way, accessories are like the cherry on top of the sundae – it isn’t the main ingredient, but it makes the ice cream so much better. Gold accessories are a classic way to add some flair to any look, which means they’re a great place to start when beginning to experiment with accessories. Here’s how to accessorize with gold:

Gold jewelry: Start small

When you first start wearing gold, of course, the best place to start is with basic jewelry. Choose necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in a style you love – opt for smaller and more subtle styles if you want, but don’t be afraid to branch out into larger necklaces, bangles, and any other statement pieces. Ideally, the jewelry you buy should be versatile, so look for pieces you could wear on multiple occasions. For instance, a gold collar necklace would look beautiful with a dress in the evening or a blouse at work.

Tassel Necklace and Earring Set

Incorporate gold into other accessories

Once you’ve experimented with gold jewelry, work the metallic into other accessories as well. Find belts, shoes, hats, scarves, and handbags with gold detailing, like chains, buckles, threads, and brooches. In fact, you can utilize these accessories to your advantage. Large handbags and long necklaces can be used as body-slimming strategies, creating the illusion of length. When you add gold into the equation, the accessories pop even more, increasing this effect.

Pinch Front Fedora with Chain

Wear gold with complementary colors

There are some colors that work better with silver and others that let gold shine. When wearing your gold accessories, pair them with neutrals, including black, white, and warm beiges. If you’re wearing colors, go for ones with warm undertones to match the warmth of the gold. Fall’s biggest color – aubergine – is the perfect complement to your golden accessories – they’ll shine brightly against the deep purple color.

woman wearing gold jewelry and purple suit

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

Statement accessories are a fun way to jazz up a more simple outfit, and they draw even more attention when they’re a bright, sunny gold. Plus, wearing vivid colors is a great confidence boost! Up the ante in your wardrobe by wearing statement necklaces, handbags and heels with gold details.

golden gladiator wedge sandals

On mixing metals

One of the biggest questions people ask when choosing jewelry is, “Can I mix gold and silver?” Traditionally, mixing metals was a big no-no, along with wearing white after Labor Day and pairing black and navy. Luckily, almost all of these rules no longer apply. Mixing metals is perfectly acceptable – it just has to be done purposefully. So, instead of wearing silver studs and a gold necklace, for instance, layer two necklaces – one silver and one gold. The mix will look deliberate and stylish.

Monroe and Main’s Fashion Director Sue, also agrees.
Sue’s Tip to Wardrobe Makeover Winner, Gail:

Mixing metals is no longer an issue. The turquoise necklace had silver tones and Gail was wearing gold shoes. You can wear silver, gold, and bronze all at once if you want. It’s totally open!

Mixing the polka dots and pinstripes is not at all a problem according to Sue. Since they are both black & white, it's a no-brainer combination.

Mixing gold-colored jewelry & accessories

If you are looking to mix various gold colors together, it is important they are adjacent to each other. Whether it be rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or any other shade of gold, integrate them together. Placed separately, they can appear mismatched. This can be multiple gold chains or necklaces hung together, or multiple bracelets. Also, keep the styles similar, whether heavy & chunky or light and elegant.

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Gold Jewelry Looks Stunning with matching designer handbags. My daughter purchased one gold chain with a beautiful tree of life design pendant from Siddhwear.

I would truly appreciate it you sold the gorgeous long opera length Silverstone
jewelry. Better yet ? Sell tops together as a set with the jewelry shown on models. I believe your sales would soy rocket !!

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