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How to wear a jumpsuit

Woman wearing jesery knit black jumpsuit with belt


Following in the vein of rompers, womens jumpsuits have become all the rage these days. Although the style originated as a costume worn by parachuters, they entered the fashion lexicon as early as the 1960s. Now, it’s your turn to test out this trendy outfit and make it your own!

Here are some tips for how to wear and style a jumpsuit:

Find the perfect length

Depending on the occasion, you need to coordinate your entire look. For more casual events, when you may pair the outfit with sandals or sneakers, you’ll want a style that just skims the floor – but doesn’t drag. A dressier jumpsuit that goes well with a set of wedges or dress heels will need to be a little longer in the legs – depending on the height of the shoe.

“A belt can help you define your waistline.”

Woman wearing black and white jumpsuit with tie around waist

Add definition to your waist

Jumpsuits for women are made in a variety of designs. Some have a drop-waist, while others cinch your frame at the smallest part of your abdomen. To ensure your jumpsuit isn’t too baggy and truly flatters your body type, add some definition. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to put on a belt, although Cosmopolitan also recommended tying a jacket or shirt around your waist.

Woman wearing jesery knit black jumpsuit with belt

Stick to one hue

Did you pick a jumpsuit in a bold color? It can sometimes be difficult to find other articles of clothing or fashion accessories that balance out and compliment this hue. Instead of looking for similar shades, try incorporating items that stick within the same color, according to InStyle. A hot pink, dressy jumpsuit goes well with magenta tones as well as light pink additions. Give it a try!

Incorporate a blazer

A dressy ladies jumpsuit is perfect for days when you have to go straight from work to an evening get-together or event. Pairing the outfit with a blazer jacket is an easy first step – just make sure the jacket fits well. This style is ideal for the workday. Once you’re ready to redo your look for the evening, shed the blazer and add a few more accessories! Voila, you’re ready for a night to remember.


The fun thing about ladies jumpsuits is that they are a single piece of clothing, saving you from the hassle of having to mix and match top and bottom separately. To really make the outfit pop, however, incorporate some accessories! We’ve already talked about the need for the right belt, but fashion jewelry can complete the look and leave you feeling glamorous. The Trend​ Spotter recommended bold accessories to make a statement, especially gold accents for a dressy jumpsuit.

Wrap Top Jumpsuit

While a jumpsuit may seem like a risky fashion choice, a few accessories, the right belt and some confidence will help you rock the look!

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Such a Nice collection, I like shopping for such jumpsuits. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep posting

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Published on May 01 2018

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