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How to wear white jeans this fall

woman wearing white jeans, black top and red wedges

Forget the fashion myth that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. With the right style tips, you can easily rock white jeans well into the fall. Admittedly, white is a fun, springy color, but that doesn’t mean you need to stash it away for the rest of the year. Plus, wearing the right material means you won’t have to worry about sheer fabrics so often associated with the light hue. With so many great fall colors and styles, it’s easy to incorporate white jeans into your wardrobe. Find out how:

Pair it with lighter fall colors

White is a neutral, so take advantage of this basic hue by incorporating the shades that are trending this fall: orange, red, merlot, cobalt and aubergine. However, since white is such a bright hue, you may want to go with the warmer colors from this season. For example, white jeans would pair especially well with orange and red. Additionally, though cobalt is part of the cool family, it’s still bright enough to create that same warm vibe. In fact, white pants top the list on how to wear blue. You’ll feel confident knowing that you’re not only on-trend with this season’s colors, but you’ve also successfully integrated a “fashion faux pas” into fall.

Wear white jeans with fall sweaters

A common concern about diving into a pair of white jeans is how they look on the legs. A fitted pair of bright pants may accentuate areas ladies would rather hide. Instead of ditching this integral wardrobe piece, simply use your other clothing items to enhance your shape and draw eyes toward body parts you want to highlight. For example, easily cover your bottom in a pair of white jeans with a long fall sweater or tunic. Pull the focus to the top half of your body with bold fashion accessories such as a long, dangling pendant and oversized earrings.

Choose white jeans with accents

If you’re not entirely comfortable with wearing white jeans in fall, you can take smaller steps to integrate these pants into your wardrobe. Instead of going all white, choose a pair of jeans that features accents. For example, white jeans with a black line running down the seam add visual interest to shake up the bright hue and also create a long, lean shape on your legs.

Color doesn’t have to be the only way you break up the white monotony. You can also create variety with the cut and style. Opt for a pair of white jeans that features open embroidery and a scalloped hemline, for instance.

Play up the fall look

You can also make white jeans appropriate for the season by making sure the rest of your ensemble really highlights the feeling of fall. Incorporate warm accessories such as scarves and hats that you wouldn’t see as frequently during spring or summer. Additionally, couple the white jeans with a chic pair of fall boots to keep your feet cozy and stylish.

woman wearing white jeans

To find the right shoes to pair with your pant choice, read our article on what shoes to wear with women’s jeans.

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Published on Aug 21 2015

Last Updated on Nov 03 2021

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