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Legging-ready looks

Woman wearing Gold Necklaces, black shirt, purple leggings and multi-stripe duster

How to wear leggings is a question asked by many women who want a comfortable but stylish look for everyday wear. Don’t let fashion myths rule your closet – you can just as easily wear leggings to the grocery store as you could to the office. You just need the right clothing accessories and tools to either kick up your style or relax it. Here is your guide to wearing leggings this fall:

Leggings with fall sweaters

Long fall sweaters provide more than just a stylish ensemble for your wardrobe. They instantly make leggings workplace appropriate, too. The most important part of wearing leggings to the office is covering your bottom. With a long trench-coat style sweater, you can easily wear these comfortable pants to work. Consider donning a sweater in a fall color such as orange, cobalt or merlot. By incorporating these hues into your look, you’ll feel confident in color knowing your shades are on-trend.

woman walking in a long, fall colored striped sweater and leggings with boots

Leggings with tunics

If there was ever a perfect pairing, it would be leggings with tunics. Both components of this ensemble deliver all-day comfort and timeless style. When selecting a tunic that works with your body shape, opt for something that flatters your best features. For example, a scoop or V neck can elongate your neck and lengthen your body, while a detailed collar will draw attention to your top half and away from a wider bottom. As with any top you pair with leggings, it’s important to make sure your bottom is covered, and tunics provide a lot of variety in doing that. Uneven hemlines are longer in length, providing full coverage. Additionally, the irregular curves and angles create visual interest, instantly enhancing the style factor of your ensemble.

Model wearing Monroe and Main's Center Stage Tunic and Side Detail Ponte Leggings

Boots with leggings

Bump up the comfort and style of leggings by wearing these pants with a great pair of fall boots. If you’re looking for a little more leg coverage than the tighter fit leggings provide, opt for a knee-high boot. The taller style will keep your legs warm in the cooler months and are a great way to segment your ensemble when wearing longer top like tunics or trench sweaters.

If you’re looking to show off your long, lean legs, go for shorter ankle boots instead. Heighten the fashion factor by selecting a pair of ankle boots that showcase details like fun patterns, lace fabric or metallic accents.

woman wearing long jacket, leggings, and short boots

Leggings under a skirt

Skirts never go out of style, no matter the season, but their short length can leave your legs feeling cold and bare during fall. Combat this fashion dilemma by pairing your favorite summer skirts with tights or leggings. Both of these extra-coverage options work, but make sure the skirt is a shorter length. Maxi skirts won’t look right with leggings. It’s best to couple leggings with knee-length bottoms such as a patterned pencil skirts.

Wearing leggings can be as easy as adding an extra layer when it comes to fall fashion. Be sure to incorporate these comfortable, chic bottoms into your wardrobe this season.

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I would order many items on your website, but I will not pay over $20.00 to ship.

Monroe and Main

Thanks for this feedback Diane. We sometimes have offer sales or discounts on Facebook or over email so hopefully you keep in touch! Thanks for checking us out! 🙂

Carol kamin

I would shop all the time but I wear a petite and u don’t hsve any.. I buy Skechers shoes from u

M. Kelly

Where is the sleeveless vest advertised above? could not find it on the website.

Monroe and Main

Hello, We don’t sell this vest any longer. We were just showing the look with the leggings. We will let our merchandisers know that it’s of interest to you and we can see if we can bring it back or offer something similar soon. Thanks for checking out our Legging-Ready Looks! 🙂


I agree with Diane. I saw your catalog and fell in love with your clothes. You are a bit pricey for my budget, but I fell in love with a sweater coat and was gong to treat myself, but when I saw the price of shipping I deleted the order. Way, way, way too expensive for shipping. Especially in an age where many companies are offering free shipping.

Monroe and Main

Hi Sharon, Thanks for this feedback as well. Hope you also keep in touch over Facebook or on emails because we would love for you to still get that sweater coat.

miryam lopez

Me interesa su ropa , donde miro los especiales de ustedes.

Monroe and Main

Hello Miryam, Like us on Facebook or sign up for our emails for special offers or sales info. Gracias!

Glenette Basch

Just wanted to say I just received my last 2 orders, I love your clothes. I am thankful for the quality of the clothes and well worth the price and the shipping. I believe you get what you pay for. I always get compliments on the style. these are hard to find. Again, thank you and keep up the good work. But I would like to see more vests.
Thank you

Monroe and Main

Thanks for this comment Glenette! We love having you as a customer and glad you receive lots of compliments on your style! We’d love to see a pic sometime if you are willing to share? You can email it to us at Thanks!

Cynthia Mitchell Hillmon

I am a card holder and I just love your clothes shoes and everything else in it. Yes the items are a bit pricey but you have a chance to make monthly reasonable payments. and the shipping is a bit expensive you just have to know when and how to order and how much to order to cut down on the high shipping fee. in fact I am placing an order as we speak. keep the catalogs coming please

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Published on Aug 24 2015

Last Updated on Sep 02 2015

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