Woman in blue tiered skirt, blue sandals and white top

A guide to textures and patterns

There’s so much more to your wardrobe than color and fit. Try out some fun combinations of textures and patterns.

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woman in lapis pencil knit skirt and matching smudged dot blouse

How to rock the mixed-print look

Pairing mixed-and-matched prints and patterns can be tricky and intimidating.

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Woman weaing animal print maxi dress and brown thong sandals

Animal prints: A wild summer

Here are three tips on how to look chic while wearing wild prints:

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Woman in black heels and black dress with multi-colored sheer overlay

On trend prints and patterns for spring

Here are some ways to incorporate trendy prints and patterns into your spring wardrobe.

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Woman wearing a houndstooth trench coat and black pants

What’s your pattern personality?

The patterns you choose to add to your wardrobe should be based on your personality. Find your pattern personality!

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Woman wearing a black and floral print dress and black heels

Fall prints and patterns

Check out the coolest fall prints and patterns you’ll be seeing during the autumn season.

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Woman in animal print maxi dress and brown thongs

Secret Strategy #55: Animal print

To reveal your wild side, an animal print top or dress will raise the standards and lower inhibitions.

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Woman in pink animal print peplum top and hunter green pocket jeans

How to wear animal prints

Get wild with animal prints this summer – and every other season.

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Woman in fuschia dress and multi-colored floral scarf

Wear bold prints this summer

Show off a fun, fierce style with prints. Incorporating patterns into your summer ensembles can add a lot of fun to your outfit if it’s done correctly.

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Woman in gray and black fitted skirt suit set and black and silver heels

Secret Strategy #40: Placement Prints

Choose outfits with a bold or graphic pattern or print to help create shape. Strategically placed geometric details will create the coveted hourglass figure.

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