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Fall prints and patterns

Woman wearing a black and floral print dress and black heels

Bold is always in, but how you achieve that brilliant look will change as frequently as the seasons. When fall rolls around, there will be new patterns donning the clothing of ladies on the runway, and if you want to stay fashion-forward, it’s best to stay on top of trends! Plus, with the right style tips, you can use prints to enhance your features and downplay other areas. Check out the coolest fall prints and patterns you’ll be seeing during the autumn season:

Geometric shapes

Get the retro-digital look in your garb by incorporating geometric shapes. According to We Connect Fashion, gradient stripes and bold geometric forms, much like a kaleidoscope, were on-trend during New York Fashion Week 2015. It’s important to have confidence in what you wear, and combining a stylish look with a flattering fit will help get you there. An intriguing variety of geometrics patterns in a dress will help slim the waist.

Kick up the geometric look by adding a bohemian flare. For example, consider pairing a blouse or knit top featuring this type of print under a fringed shrug. Pair this ensemble with an oversized hobo bag, and you’ll be turning heads while feeling ultra comfy!

woman wearing a geometric printed dress
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Animal print

Fashion gurus can’t get enough of wild patterns, and this season is proving just that. However, there’s a unique twist on animal print when it comes to fall fashion – all signs are pointing toward reptile skin. While you may not want to go as exotic as snakeskin boots, you can still achieve the same shine and texture with other, more familiar items. For example, a leather jacket can keep you warm on chilly fall days while still delivering that cool texture and look of reptile prints. Incorporate this style in smaller doses by opting for a reptile-print handbag or chic fall leather boots.

Reptile-Trim Leather Bag


The hottest style of the ’90s is coming back – plaid is bombarding fashion runways once again. The best part about this print is its versatility. Wear it in shirt form, or toss on a classic throwback with a nostalgic plaid jacket, especially ones with longer length. The light cover-up will help you beat the chilly weather, and the extended length will highlight the vertical lines, helping to elongate your body and give you a slim shape.

Woman wearing a plaid top

Word print

With this trending pattern, your clothes can literally send a message. Word print, actual words and letters incorporated into an ensemble, delivers visual interest to your outfit and can draw attention to parts of your body you want to enhance. For example, if you’re aiming to show off your sleek legs, opt for a pair of leggings that incorporates this trend. On the other hand, you can draw attention away from your bottom and toward your top with a word-print blouse.

Floral prints

Reminiscent of the long-gone summer days, floral prints create a fun and flirty vibe for any style. In fact, this pattern provides an easy way to make your outfit more feminine or to contrast an edgy flare. For example, considering wearing a floral pattern dress under a dark leather jacket.

Incorporate these trending prints and patterns into your wardrobe to have fun with your style and feel confident in your clothes.

Woman wearing a floral printed dress


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Published on Sep 21 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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