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How to wear animal prints

Get wild with animal prints this summer – and every other season.

Animal prints never go out of style, so any day you wear them guarantees a fashion-forward look. An animal print can be intimidating, as it falls out of many women’s comfort zones. However, by pairing it with other pieces that complement the pattern, anyone can sport cheetah, leopard or zebra print without a problem. Here’s a few tips on how you can try out this look:

Have one statement animal print piece

According to Fabfashionfix, animal prints make a roaring statement all on their own, so it’s best to let just one garment do the talking. Matching two prints can make an ensemble look cluttered or messy. Instead, whether it’s your chic shirt or a daring pair of leggings, wear it with a monochromatic piece to balance the outfit. However, some women just can’t get enough of this fabulous print and want to incorporate more of it into the ensemble. A solution, then, is to pick a maxi dress or jumpsuit that still follows the rules of wearing just one piece with animal print but also shows off a more wild style because you’re covered shoulder to toe in it.

Mix and match animal print accessories

While an outfit should only have one piece of clothing that boasts a daring leopard or cheetah pattern, multiple animal-print accessories can be combined for an ultra chic look, according to Creative Fashion. Since these items are smaller than a shirt or pair of pants, they won’t overwhelm the outfit like clothing would. So go ahead and pair your zebra flats with a zebra-print scarf, or a cheetah hat and with the same pattern clutch. Keep in mind, though, that matching every single accessory will have the same cluttered effect of wearing an entire matching-print outfit.

A hobo with patches of animal printHeeled Sandal in snakeskin animal print

Pair animal print with the perfect color

Though a monochromatic color should be paired with a single animal-print piece, that color can be just as exciting as your jungle look. Even the print itself can incorporate a fun color. Consider wearing a flowing orange skirt under your cheetah-print blouse, or a mint green shirt on top of a zebra-print skirt. The same rule applies to accessories. If you’re wearing a fun animal pattern, you can dress it up with a bright pink necklace or a deep purple clutch. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating colors.

A scarf in leopard animal print and pretty colors

Keeping it simple

If any of these combinations just aren’t fitting into your style, there are still more modest ways to wear animal print. For example, a wild pair of leopard-print leggings under a black tunic can be hidden a little better with a tall black boot. Another option is to pair a black or neutral-colored blazer over an animal-print top that gives the jungle style a more professional flair. This way, the animal print isn’t overwhelming the outfit by any means, and you can feel comfortable in your clothes.

With a little structure and simplicity, you can let your wild side show in a chic and fashion-forward way.

an empire waist and peplum with pleating detail in animal print

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