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Wear bold prints this summer

Woman in fuschia dress and multi-colored floral scarf

Incorporating prints & patterns into your summer ensembles can add a lot of fun to your outfit when done correctly.

It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of features like bold floral and animal prints, but throwing every pattern in your closet into one outfit can create a clashing style. Certain patterns have their own characteristics, and knowing how and when to wear each prints will showcase your personality in your wardrobe. Find out more about the patterns trending this summer:

Floral print

The blooming flowers of summer aren’t just for the gardens anymore. Bold floral prints allow you to effortlessly coordinate natural beauty into your outfit. Capture the soft, organic feel of this print by looking for pieces that reflect watercolor brush strokes in light hues of red, blue and green. The delicate pastel colors provide a more graceful feature to the ensemble, so consider selecting ultra-feminine pieces like skirts and dresses for this pattern type.

However, floral patterns don’t have to be dainty. Go bold with brighter colors and a more defined floral print. Darker shades allow your outfit to make a more intense impression, and with the variety of flower hues, it’s easy to select accessories that coordinate. Select a chunky necklace, pronounced ring or bold-colored jacket that picks up on tones found in the floral print.

Add some tropical, floral flair in a bold print to your wardrobe.

Tropical print

Nothing quite says summer like sipping on a fruity drink on the sandy shores of a beach. Capture this relaxed, fun vibe in a tropical print outfit. Integrate this style into bottoms or a top, and the vibrant seasonal colors will put you and everyone else in the right mindset for summer.

A multi, bold print for summer-tropical & floral.

Animal print

Whether you’re draped in leopard, zebra or cheetah patterns, animal print is a fierce way to wear any outfit. Since this is such a trending pattern, you’ll find plenty of clothing items featuring these bold prints, so incorporating them into your wardrobe will be easy. Selecting which pieces to wear will be the real challenge.

Want to show only a sneak peek of your wild side? Incorporate animal print more subtly in your accessories by selecting a cheetah print handbag or scarf.  If you’re style can’t be tamed, go head to toe in alluring animal print with a fun, cheetah patterned jumpsuit. However, you can find your happy medium by selecting just one animal print piece, such as a zebra patterned skirt or top.

A Cheetah, animal print jumpsuit is one of the bold prints this summer.


Satu Maaranen, freelance fashion and print designer at Marimekko, explains that stripes can be viewed as a neutral in the pattern world. Just as you could wear any hue with neutral colors such as black, white, gray and nude, you can pair any pattern or texture with the versatility of stripes. For example, a striped top will coordinate just as well with a textured leather jacket as it would with a multi-colored cardigan. Consider stripes as a staple in your wardrobe so you can mix and match different prints. Additionally, parallel lines draw the eye in the direction they flow, so you can use vertical or horizontal stripes to lengthen your body, making you look tall and thin.

A sundress with bold prints of stripes

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Published on Jun 13 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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