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Wearing art: The Avant Pop fashion trend

This spring, many designers agreed on the amazing potential of one trend in particular: Avant Pop styles.

From Celine to Chanel and many more, several designers incorporated the bold style into their spring 2015 clothing lines, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The look, which put simply is a combination of vibrant colors and patterns, is all about mixing things up and having fun with your style, which is something that every woman should be able to do after a long winter. Here’s what the Avant Pop trend is and how you can integrate it into your wardrobe:

What is Avant Pop? 
The Avant Pop style is all about blending vivid color combinations, abstract shapes and designs and textured fabrics. Everything from mirrored patterns to geometric stripes and spots to pop-inspired graphics and bold florals fall into the Avant Pop category – and they’re often mixed and matched for an even more artistic look. The style is mesmerizing, creative, inspiring and fun to wear for any occasion.

Any woman can look amazing in spring's trending prints and patterns.

Avant Pop style guide
Don’t let the haute couture Avant Pop styles on spring runways fool you into thinking this trend can only be worn by models and fashion designers. In fact, Avant Pop can be incorporated into your day-to-day clothing easily because it’s not that much of a departure from the season’s other vivid prints and graphic patterns. Plus, it’s all about expressing yourself, showing boldness and confidence and, most of all, having a lot of fun with your wardrobe! This spring, embrace the cool and funky trend with these outfit ideas:

From geometric designs to abstract prints, Avant Pop dresses are a great spring wardrobe choice because they’re a full outfit all on their own. Avant Pop dresses run the gamut from simple color-block prints to eye-catching multi-colored designs, all of them flattering and fun. Dress up a sleeveless sheath for work with simple pumps or flats, or pair a striking empire-waisted maxi dress with a denim jacket or pretty sandals for a more casual outfit.

From geometric designs to abstract prints, Avant Pop dresses are a great spring wardrobe choice

When it comes to wearing Avant Pop tops, try to make it the center of attention. Experiment with expressive blouses, and don’t shy away from asymmetrical hemlines or ruffle details that can make the piece stand out even more. Pull a color from the pattern and use it to find matching accessories and shoes, and wear pants or a skirt in the same color or a simple neutral to round out the look. Or, to make your work wardrobe even more exciting, mix and match a patterned blazer with neutral trousers or a pencil skirt and a basic shirt.

When it comes to wearing Avant Pop tops, try to make it the center of attention.

Patterned skirts make for a unique and statement-making outfit, so wear them with confidence. Pair it with a colored blazer or fitted cardigan for work. Or, go for a basic tee while running errands or hanging out with your friends and family over the weekend. And don’t forget to accessorize! A short statement necklace can balance out your outfit nicely, adding some visual interest to your upper body as well.

Patterned skirts make for a unique and statement-making outfit, so wear them with confidence.

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