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Return of the plain white tee

Woman in black pants and white tunic

While it’s typically the funky heels, sequin skirts and open-back dresses that make headlines and dominate the runway, there’s always that sigh of a relief when a familiar and dependable piece takes reign for the season. Especially when it’s already hanging in the back of your closet.

This spring, it’s all about the return of the classic white tee.

Forever Favorite Tunic from Monroe & Main
Forever Favorite Tunic from Monroe & Main

Back to basics

There is nothing more humble than the traditional white T-shirt. It’s versatile, it’s cool and it can be worn any day, any time. As a staple, year-round article of clothing, this is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Besides, who doesn’t feel clean and crisp while wearing white?

Whether it’s fitted, oversized, off the shoulder or tucked in, you can never go wrong with the classic white blouse. You’ll appear both classy and elegant when you walk down the street on a Saturday night wearing bright white.

Pushing buttons

As the go-to shirt for just about any occasion, the classic white button-down has been replaced, and designers are turning it up a notch.

To enhance that straightforward look, experiment with the hottest DIY trends fresh off the runway:

The off-the-shoulder top

  • Unbutton the first four buttons.
  • Slide the shirt off your shoulders.
  • Pop the collar.

The one-shoulder blouse

  • Unbutton the first three buttons.
  • Completely remove your arms from the sleeves.
  • Keep one sleeve at the front of your body and bring the other one to the back.
  • Take the sleeve at the back of your body and bring it over your shoulder.
  • Tie both sleeves together at the front of your body to complete the look.

The strapless blouse

  • Unbutton the first four buttons.
  • Completely take the sleeves off.
  • Tie both sleeves together at the front of your body.

Frost yourself

Add a pop of color to your white shirt with a statement necklace. With the right piece, you can transform any daytime outfit into a date night outfit. And sometimes, it may be the only accessory you need.

Here are some necklace tips:

  • If you’re wearing a long shirt, accentuate its length with a long necklace.
  • Since your shirt is simple, don’t be afraid to go bold. Any color will stand out when placed against a white backdrop, but if you aren’t sure which color to go with, try salmon, the on-trend color of the season.
  • Going on a date? Add some pizzazz to your plain white tee with a sparkly statement necklace.
  • Not sure of the rules on wearing a necklace with a collared shirt? Go for it! Just button the shirt up all the way and add a necklace that fastens higher up on your neck.

You can also spice up a simple outfit with a fashion scarf, no matter the occasion. Whether your go-to is a silk scarf tied tight against your neck or an oversized knit thrown over your shoulders, this comfy accessory is another wardrobe staple.

Sheer and Simple Tunic from Monroe & Main
Sheer and Simple Tunic from Monroe & Main

Add a jacket

Add some extra oomph to your basic tee by throwing on a jacket. Whether it’s a vibrant blazer or leather jacket, you will instantly appear more glamorous.

Slip on a cozy cardigan, whether long, short, ruffled or striped. Stay away from boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts when wearing an oversized cardigan. To avoid this shapeless look, keep it slim with a fitted shirt and pant.

Pleated Cross-Back Top from Monroe & Main
Pleated Cross-Back Top from Monroe & Main

Blue jeans X white shirt

There is something incredibly attractive about the simplicity of a white shirt and blue jeans. Whether it’s the effortlessness or the borderline French chic vibe it carries, this classic look will never go out of style.

Accessorizing too much, however, can cheapen this classic look. Keep it simple, but you can always make it pop with a leather hobo bag or red lip.

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Charleen Robertson

I like what i see. Very cool women shoes on the style of men shoes Thanks

Sandra Scott

I love what’s coming out for spring. Awesome, Simply Beautiful.

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Published on Feb 18 2016

Last Updated on Jan 30 2017

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