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What your summer colors say about you

Woman wearing yellow crochet dress


The clothes you wear can send a message about who you are as a person. We all know that fantastically fitting skirt suits show you mean business and eclectic combinations denote creativity. Even colors on their own are indicative of your personality. With summer on the way, you have a whole new palette to work into your wardrobe. What do your picks say about you? Let’s find out:


In general, bright colors are attention-grabbing and full of energy. They might show that you don’t mind being looked at and are confident in yourself. Of course, individual colors have other, unique spins. Here are some popular bright shades you’ll see, and might even wear, this summer:

This vibrant pink shade is often associated with balance, as it brings together boldness and femininity. It’s also seen as a color of unconditional love and sends the message that you’re an open and caring person. Fuchsia also lets other people know the wearer is passionate but capable of quiet thought.

Variations of vibrant blue are linked with positivity, calmness, loyalty and peace, all traits that work well together. A study conducted by Career Builder found that employers recommend people wear blue to an interview to show you’re a team player with an upbeat attitude and level head. The color of water and the sky, blue shows you’re content and intelligent. People may come to you for help or advice because this shade also indicates that you’re trustworthy.

Sunny, energetic and vibrant, yellow shows the world you’re happy. It’s the quintessential summer shade and perfect for your wardrobe. In addition to showing your lively spirit, yellow tells others that you’re confident and bold and handle attention well. It also means you’re willing to take risks and are courageous.

Woman wearing yellow dress walking

Bright colors are perfect for summer and say a lot about you.


Neutrals are staple colors during all seasons, and you’ll need them this summer, too. They pair well with all of the bright tones you’ll wear and give your look a little grounding.

Variations of brown, including tan, show that you’re down to earth. You have a strong sense of self and are emotionally stable. People also link tan to dependability, trustworthiness and honesty.

Pure, clean and simple, white is a foundational color for every wardrobe. In the summer, it’ll bring light to your ensembles. When you don this color, you’re showing that you’re balanced and courageous. The color can also make you feel like you’re starting the day with a clean slate, as it’s often associated with new beginnings.

Black is timeless and associated with elegance, grace and simplicity. Wearing the shade shows you’re powerful and in control of yourself and the situations you’re in. Black can appear mysterious but also frame you as a leader.

Colors carry with them powerful messages. The ones you gravitate toward might shed some light on your personality traits, but you can also use them to tell others about yourself. For help selecting summer shades, check out our color wheel guide.

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Published on Mar 29 2017

Last Updated on Apr 09 2017

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