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Top 5 summer essentials

Several women in summer essentials

top five summer essentials

Summer can present some style challenges, like having an outfit perfect for work and play and styling cool in rising temperatures. Fortunately, environmental obstacles often beget creativity and the combining of comfort and fashion. If you’re looking to build a warm-weather wardrobe that’s full of panache, you’ll need some help. Here are our top five essential garments for easy-and-breezy summer style:

1. A striped T-shirt

Summer is the perfect time to play with patterns, and a classic striped shirt let’s you do just that. Its iconic look is appealing to even the most pattern-averse, not to mention it goes with just about every occasion, from a brunch with friends to a day on the water. If you’re looking for a slimming effect, choose a shirt with narrow, horizontal stripes. This look tricks the eye into trimming you down.

For a traditionally nautical look, pair your women’s tee shirt with white narrow-leg pants. Staying out after sunset? Pop a blazer or jean jacket over your stripes for a polished look that’ll keep you warm.

“Every woman needs a dress that can transition from place to place.”

2. A versatile dress

The office, the beach, an evening concert, dinner with friends: There are tons of locales to go and things to do in summer, which is why every woman needs a dress that can transition from place to place with minimal changes. What kind of dress qualifies as a go-anywhere look? One that’s simple and classic! That way, you can add pieces and accessories without worrying about clashing. Flattering dresses that show off your best features are also ideal; after all, those are the ones you’ll gravitate toward. To further define your shape, wear your dress with a belt cinched around your waist.

Go for a neutral tone to complement the rest of your wardrobe. Denim, though colored, counts as a neutral. Pair your dress with a statement necklace, strappy high heels and hobo bag for a brunch date, or dress it up with a nice jacket for work.

3. A utility vest

Casual, fashion-forward and practical, a utility vest is another summer wardrobe staple. Unlike our other two features, the vest is a statement piece rather than a foundation. Use it to stay warm on those chilly summer nights without overheating or to add color to your outfit. For a sharp look, style your vest over a blouse and slim-leg jeans and finish the outfit with high heels and a clutch. To tone down a formal look, place a stylish vest over a sheath dress and add a long necklace to lengthen your body.

The Adventures Vest

4. Printed pants

Go bold on the bottom with printed pants. They’re effortlessly chic and can make any look a statement. What’s more, patterned pants can be comfy! Wide leg print pants, for instance, feature drawstring or elastic waistbands that don’t pinch. Choose a light and breezy fabric to keep cool. Pair your eclectic pants with a solid top, sandals and a daring bracelet. No matter what look you go for, pull color ideas from the pallet your pants sport. For instance, a patterned bottom that’s blue with tan shapes will go nicely with tan.

All Important Print Pant

5. A caftan

The perfect summer cover-all, a caftan can cover swimwear or be a top all in its own right. What’s more, this versatile garment is light – ideal on those hot days. Caftans also draw attention away from your middle, and, when paired with slim pants, show off your beautiful legs instead. Whether you don shorts or pants, you’ll want to avoid weight on the bottom with a caftan. Go light with your accessories as well, focusing on clutch handbags, earrings and bracelets.

Vital Jeweled Caftan


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Published on Mar 13 2017

Last Updated on Mar 17 2017

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