Infographic: How to Take your measurements

How to Dress Your Body Type: Take Your Measurements [Infographic]

Take a look at our infographic that will help you find your right measurements and dress for your body type!

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Woman in multi-color geometric pattern dress

Secret Strategy #16 – Go for Bold Intrigue 

Enchant and delight the eye with gorgeous color and brilliant bands of geometrics. When they run this way and that, they can hide figure flaws or enhance smaller curves. When the eye is finally done roving, all that’s left is your stunning appearance.

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Woman in brown ruffle jacket over animal print top and gray pants

Secret Strategy #15: Opposite Focus

Rather than focus on curvy areas for flattery, enhance them by focusing on opposite places.

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Woman in blue and black sheath dress

Secret Strategy #14: Pair blues with black

Think “black with personality.” Blues come in a wide spectrum of hues and complement all skin tones well. Paired with black, blue adds a richness to any look.

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Woman in black lace high-low hem tunic and white pants

Secret Strategy #13: Tunics work well

Need coverage for your tummy, hips, or thighs? Tunics work well with your shape. Accentuate your features with soft detailing such as crochet-lace or hi-low hems.

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Periwinkle bra

Secret Strategy #12: The Perfect Bra Fit

Have you ever found that perfect bra fit? The fullest spot of your bust should be directly halfway between your shoulders and elbows, and if your chest is dropping below that, it’s probably time to take your measurements and check your sizing.

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Woman in white surplice dress in gold embellished collar and hem

Secret Strategy #11: Surplice Necklines

The surplice neckline balances round facial features and adds length to face & neck, while also flattering all figures.

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Woman in pink multi-pattern empire waist dress

Secret Strategy #10: Wear empire waist dresses

Slimming empire waist dresses are the best kind.

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Woman in multi-color pattern top and purple pants

Secret Strategy #9: Ten pounds thinner

Think illusion & distraction to appear 10 lbs thinner.

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Woman in gold ruffle sweater duster over white top and black pants

Secret Strategy #8: Add a little flair

Ruffles, details, & seaming add a little flair to your outfit which can create a slimmer image that’s also playful and perky.

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