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4 sophisticated looks to get you noticed

Various women in different styled outfits

All too often, women opt to cover up and hide their features when aiming for a slimmer look. With our clothes, you won’t want to blend into the background. You should be proud of your unique style, and it’s easy to feel confident when you’re wearing looks that exude refinement. Here are four sophisticated styles to get you noticed:

1. Rich, dark colors

Purple has long been associated with royalty, and wearing this shade can help you achieve a rich, luxurious look. Go with the 2021 fall color aubergine to effectively incorporate purple in an on-trend way. Aubergine is a dark, eggplant purple, and we have tons of clothes featuring this gorgeous shade.

Wear this sophisticated color to work with a V-neck aubergine blouse and black dress pants or a pencil skirt. The neutral bottoms automatically coordinate with your bold top, and the shade will instantly boost your confidence level. Pair it with a black professional jacket to keep warm in an air-conditioned office.

woman wearing purple top

2. Structured looks

Nothing says “put together” like an ensemble that capitalizes on structure. Create this organized look in your outfit with sharp angles. A structured blazer, for example, with tailored side darts and pronounced seams is great for fall not only because of its rigid construction, but also because of its ability to keep you warm on those cool fall days. Or, look for pleated dress pants for women.

If officewear isn’t your style, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a sophisticated ensemble. You can get all the benefits of structure with the comfort of a relaxed fit by wearing clothes that feature prints. Look for patterns that use straight lines, such as stripes or certain geometric shapes. However, it doesn’t have to be an all-over pattern. Even just one bold line down the center of a flowing blouse can have the same impact.

woman wearing blazer

3. Elegant accessories

Though bold colors like aubergine are great for putting together a sophisticated ensemble, accessories for this style are more subtle. For example, instead of draping colorful jewelry over your finely tailored skirt suit, go with metallic options such as silver, gold or bronze. Additionally, make sure they don’t overwhelm your shape. That is, you can wear a long dangling necklace as long as the chain is relatively thin and it’s not adorned with more than one bulky pendants.

Don’t forget to consider footwear. Heels add height, elongating and slimming your figure, and they also emanate grace and class. Even with a pair of skinny jeans, you can slip on a pair of heels to instantly add a new level of elegance.

woman wearing blue & black suit

4. Your self-confidence

The best sophisticated look is your own sense of confidence. The Queen of England doesn’t slouch and frown. She wears a brilliant smile beneath her shining crown, and her appearance is always neat and clean. Take some extra time to smooth out your hair and tuck in your shirt (if the style calls for it!) before heading out the door. Even a T-shirt and jeans can look elegant on a woman who carries herself well.

woman wearing black and white floral peplum top

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Published on Aug 26 2015

Last Updated on Oct 26 2021

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