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5 stylish ways to wear all white this summer

Ah, it’s that time of year again where you’re constantly asking yourself, “Can I really wear white before Memorial Day?” Ladies, the answer is simple: absolutely! No color is more fresh or crisp than white. And when you wear the hue head to toe, you’ll exude a high-impact look, that’s for sure. Whether you want to sport an ivory-toned ensemble at your next outing with the gals or snow-white blazer and pant suit to work, we’ll show you how to rock it.

Here are five stylish ways to wear an all -white getup this summer:

1. For the working woman

An all-white dress or suit is a powerful statement. It shows confidence, class and sophistication. If worn correctly, this style is pretty easy to pull off, just be careful not to spill your cup of java! Whether you’re wearing a skirt suit or a sleeveless sheath dress, the key to styling an all-white ensemble is to pair it with neutral-colored accessories like black shoes and bags. You’ll look empowering as you step into the boardroom ready to pitch an idea to your boss.

Another wear to work option could be a pair of wide-leg pants teamed with a basic white blouse. To complete the look, throw a tailored blazer over your shoulders. As far as the accessories go, keep those chic and monochromatic, too.

2. For a feminine mystique

For a feminine-posh style, think flirty white dresses that are made of cotton or wide-leg palazzo pants paired with flowy tank tops. Tie in the feminine aspect by accessorizing with simple, pastel jewels, nude or brown wedge heels, a floppy hat and a classic red lip. This is the perfect outfit to wear on a daytime date or if you’re going out to lunch with some friends.

Create an empowering fashion statement by stepping out of your comfort zone to rock an all-white ensemble.

Crochet Tunic

3. For the casual cat

Although the all-white look can come off as a bit fancy, there are many ways to dress it down to exude a more casual vibe. This is actually the easiest look of them all! All you have to do is ditch the heels and slip on some comfy shoes like those crisp white sneakers, strappy sandals, loafers or even short booties. Pair white jeans with a white blouse, white linen shorts with a basic white tee or a white cotton maxi dress – the sky’s the limit here! For a casual look, it’s really all about the kicks that you decide to wear.

4. For the sophisticated damsel

The difference between the first two styles and this one is that for a sophisticated look, all you have to do is add some layers and quality textures. Then, frost yourself with high-end accessories, handbags that make a statement and a classy pair of heels. A simple white blazer over a silky marshmallow blouse paired with a pencil skirt bottom or long flow trousers will do the trick.

5. For the beach goer

Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about all you beach babes out there! You can definitely sport the all-white look, too. As a matter of fact, wearing all white will make you look even more tan when you’re laying under those beaming sun rays with your toes in the sand. Rock an all-white bathing suit and cover up with a flowy white tunic. Just be sure to lather up with sunscreen if you’re spending all day on the beach!

No matter which look you’re in the mood for, this trend has earned a spot in your closet. From fit to flare, it’ll keep you cool all summer long.

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Loved your tips and very helpful thanks

Hi Shirley,
That’s great to hear! Thank you so much for commenting!

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