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5 ways to rock long sweaters

Woman in black pants and yellow sweater tunic with floral print side


Summer’s not over yet, but fall is on the horizon and it’s never too early to begin planning your wardrobe for the crispest season of the year. Autumn is marked by falling foliage, apple picking and cozy clothing. Long sweaters are a must-have staple for your closet, thanks to their versatility and the warmth they offer.

Here are five ways you can rock this piece in the months ahead:

1. Embrace your cozy slouch over the weekend

While you can certainly wear a long sweater to work, these pieces are also perfect for casual weekend activities. For items that are a little more bulky, try a pair of women’s skinny jeans. This will make your bottom half look slimmer, while keeping things roomy from the waist up. If you’re looking to dress up big sweaters, cuff your pants and add a pair of heels. For a more cozy and approachable outfit, swap the pumps for a pair of sneakers that you can run errands in.

Chunky Sweater Poncho

2. Add the best fall accessories

Long sweaters wear well with just about any shoe choice, but women’s boots are a fall favorite that can’t be overlooked. That’s not the only accessory you should add to outfits that incorporate this piece, however. Find an oversized purse or handbag as well as a felt, wide-brimmed hat to give your look a boho-chic vibe. Add gold or silver jewelry for a casual feel, or more chunky pieces for a fancier look.

Warm me up sweater duster

3. Dress up your leggings

Need to run around town after your workout class? Don’t be afraid to pick up your dry cleaning or stop by the grocery store by wearing a long sweater over your leggings. While this relaxed look is an option, you can also pair the item over a dressier pair of leggings. Take a pair of non-exercise bottoms in a dark fabric and add a cardigan with a statement necklace. Leggings, like long cardigan sweaters, are extremely versatile making it easy to wear the items together.


Sunshine Sweater Tunic

4. Pair it with a summer dress

In the transition from summer to autumn, there will be plenty of days that are a toss-up between warm and chilly. It’s important to be prepared for these occasions, and long sweaters can help. Sundresses don’t have to be stored away once the first leaves begin to fall. Add a pair of dark tights and boots to make the look more appropriate for the season. For days that are particularly crisp, throw on a long cardigan. Finish the outfit with a chunky fashion scarf and a leather bag to store your outer garment if the temperature rises again.

Singing Bird Sweater

5. Go preppy

There are few things more classic than white blouses, but you can take it a step further by adding a long sweater. Let the bottom of the shirt hang out for a more undone look, or tuck in the sweater and roll up the sleeves for a more professional option. Feel free to prop up your button-down collar or fold it over the neck of the sweater for added prep effect.

No matter what the occasion, long sweaters are a wardrobe staple that combine practicality with style. You have the option to dress them up or down, wearing these pieces as the season transitions into fall and all the way through winter. With so many styles available today, you can never have too many long sweaters. Grab one in every color, shape and fabric to round out your closet and keep yourself warm as you head into the chillier months. Make the style your own by pairing long sweaters with your favorite items, from heels and sneakers to skinny jeans and leggings.

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Published on Jul 24 2017

Last Updated on Oct 25 2017

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