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How to accessorize for spring

Multi-color beaded V pattern necklace and earring set

When the days begin to lengthen and the weather starts to warm, people everywhere breathe a sigh of relief: Spring is on the way! With spring comes brand new fashion trends, and this year they’re all about bold shapes and bright colors – and the accessories of the season are no exception.

Between jewelry, handbags and shoes, here’s how you can use accessories to celebrate the season:


Spring’s necklaces are a fun assortment of various lengths and styles, but there are a few common themes:

  • Shorter necklaces: Statement necklaces are still very popular, but this season some are a little shorter than they have been in past years. Many designers rolled out choker-length necklaces, but others hung slightly lower, hitting right at the collarbone. This spring, wear an eye-catching short statement necklace with a scoop-neck blouse or a crew-neck tee.
  • Pendants: Worn short or long, pendant necklaces are another huge jewelry trend this spring. Look for bold and colorful pendants or ones with cool metallic textures that add visual interest. Pendants look especialy great with a v-neck dress or paired with a cardigan.
  • Bohemian beads: Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry are also on-trend, seen in pieces like large necklaces, bangle bracelets and dangling earrings in an pretty array of primary colors. Wear bright jewelry with lightweight flowing fabrics for a cohesive look.

Here's how you can accessorize this spring.


Earrings are an exciting way to show personal style, and designers seem to be encouraging that. From small and elegant to long and asymmetrical, this season’s earring trends run the gamut, which allows women to wear what they love. Use your earrings this spring to experiment with pops of color, since bright hues are what the season is all about. Wear bright blue Boho earrings with a black blazer at work, for instance.

Earrings are an exciting way to show personal style, and designers seem to be encouraging that.


If you love using handbags to make a statement, you’re in luck: This season’s purses are sure to be colorful, patterned, textured or all of the above! For work, look for a tote with brightly colored accents or patterned side panels for some subtle flair. On the days you want to carry a smaller purse, don’t be afraid to choose one in a vivid color that will look beautiful with any outfit.

If you love using handbags to make a statement, you're in luck: This season's purses are sure to be colorful, patterned, textured or all of the above!


After months of wearing boots, you might be happy to know that spring’s shoes are all about letting the foot breathe. Take a look at some of the top footwear trends this season:

  • Flats: Wearing flats instead of heels is a big (and comfortable!) trend this season. Many designers rolled out flats with pointed toes and color-blocking patterns or funky straps. Wear your flats with any outfit you’d normally wear with heels, whether it’s a summery dress, or a blouse and trousers at work.
  • Ankle straps: Ankle straps are becoming more popular with flats, heels and sandals. Ankle straps are perfect for all-day wear because they provide a little extra support to spring shoes, making them easier to walk around in.

After months of wearing boots, you might be happy to know that spring's shoes are all about letting the foot breathe.

Remember that accessories give you an opportunity to show individual style and creativity, so take advantage of all the bold colors and cool designs this season has to offer! Shop Accessories with a discount when you visit Monroe and Main’s Coupon Page!

Tell us about your favorite accessory! Comment below.

Comments (31)

jeannine s

Mine is a handbag. It is a blue with metal accents that I love

Heidi Salisbury

I am excited to hear choker necklaces are in style this season. I love them !

Heather in VA

Good to know that designers are hearing the call for more choices in earrings. They really can be a way to express personality.

Linda Ann

I love accessories,especially when they are colourful so I am on the right track. I was curious on footwear for this Spring, I live in New England and visiting my son in California for the first time. I want it to be special, with the right clothes, shoes,accessories and handbag. Thanks for the hints, they were very helpful.

Nicole Margrif

I love the necklace and earring, will go with anything. Very cute.

Nicole Margrif

I love the necklace and earrings, very cute.

Terry Madden

I love the sandals love the color.


Flats are my favorite spring shoes!


Bohemian Beads are a trend. I didn’t know that, but I like it. Especially in earrings and belts.

Cheryl Shields

Well, I’m excited that flats are the trend….my feet ACHE with heels.

Melissa Hoffman

Use earring for a pop of color

kim trombly


Corina King

I love the bohemian look! Makes me want summer here now


This post gives me an excuse to buy more earrings.

ellen schull

It is almost like any kind of necklace goes, long, pendant, and bohemian. I am lucky I have all three.

lori b

I love the flats so much. 🙂 so stylish and can go with everything.

Paula B

I learned to just wear what you love and what fits your personality and style.

Wendi S

I learned my favorite ankle strap sandals are in style and I couldn’t be happier about it. They are my favorite.

Deborah W.

I learned that statement necklaces are shorter and larger beads and pendant necklaces are okay also.

Deborah W.

I learned that shorter necklaces are in style this season, along with pendants and bohemian designs and beads. Good to know. I love new jewelry.

Anthony Mattera

My wife would look beautiful in all of the outfits. I know she loves colorful jewelry. I know what type of purse to get her for her trip. I know she would love a purse with patterned side panels and a colorful design. She loves Black Blazers the colors will look so nice on her. She will be so happy I entered this for her, lol

Monroe and Main

We think she will be happy too Anthony!! 🙂

Wendi S

I am so glad flats are trending this spring. I always prefer flats and I believe the ankle straps will add dressy to the shoe.

Denise E.

My favorite accessory is either earrings or a bold necklace. I have several jewelry boxes devoted to them, as well as a “little black dress” jewelry organizer (couldn’t live without that!!)

Shana Elliott

Flats are more popular than heels – yay!

Cheryl Rogers

I like how handbags are encouraged to be a little jazzy this spring. I love colorful clothing!

Rhonda Scott

I learned that wearing flats instead of heals is a big fashion trend this year. This is great because more often lately I were flats for comfort. But they are being made more fashionable.

Linda Kish

Yay for flats! But I won’t wear the ankle straps.


flatsin, shorter necklaces in.

flats in, shorter necklaces in, black , colorful jewls


boho back yes, colorful accsessarys, flat in black in

Candy o

I’m a flats girl! I’m glad the trends agree on them being fashion forward!

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Published on Feb 05 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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