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All things blue

Woman in blue pants and blue and white stripe , hankie-hem tunic

There are many unwritten rules in the fashion handbook. For example, some say it’s better to avoid wearing too much of a bold color like red, or your look may be a bit overwhelming. But all rules have exceptions, right? Blue on blue is one of them. Whether it’s sky, cobalt, navy or aqua, you can’t go wrong when you are decked out in varying shades of this flattering hue. The addition of multiple blue pieces can turn any ensemble into something startlingly original. Blue on blue is back.

Denim takeover

Once a faux pas, denim on denim is a classic and comfortable look that anyone can pull off if worn the right way. The secret is balance.

Knowing the shape of your body is important when going for the double-denim look. Lighter shades of denim will accentuate your body type, while a darker shade of denim creates a more slimming effect. Pay attention to proportions and you can pull off look with great success.

Don’t go for a denim outfit with the same weight or wash, or it’ll look like you’re getting ready for a rodeo. Go for a dark skinny jean on the bottom and a lightweight denim shirt on top. You could even throw on a dark blue jacket of any fabric for that extra bold look.

Another way to play around with the trend and break up the denim is by going for the distressed look. This trend is funky and lends itself well to the double denim. Be sure not to wear jeans that look too manipulated, as your look will seem unnatural and lose the vintage vibe.

There are infinite possibilities for mixing denim – that’s what makes it so exciting.

Control Lola Jean in Short, Average and Long
Control Lola Jean in Short, Average and Long from Monroe and Main

Dress up the denim

Do you feel too casual when wearing all denim? There are plenty of ways to dress this classic look up or down, getting you ready for any occasion.

For the casual office look, mix a medium-wash lightly distressed pair of jeans with an oversized denim top. Throw on your favorite pair of black leather boots to finish this cool look.

A light, trouser-cut jean paired with a dark denim blazer is another approach you could bring to the office. Elevate your outfit with luxe-looking accessories, such as black, white, silver or gold jewelry sets. A simple red lip is just as effective. Slip on a pair of statement heels turn this office look into the perfect date-night outfit.

How to work the blues

Deep blues such as cobalt pop against white and look rich and sophisticated with black. Cobalt complements every skin complexion, from delicate porcelain to dark chocolate with its bold yet cool undertones. Adding a touch of neutrality with classic black and white shades can help strengthen the blue-on-blue look.

Layer a long blue blazer over your black slacks and a blue blouse, and wrap a white leather belt around your waist. Throw on a pair of black heels to finish the look.

Still feeling intimated by this look? Tone it down by pairing your blue jeans with a light blue blouse instead. This will create a softer effect and allow you to get a casual feel for the blue-on-blue ensemble.

Another subtle trick to help you get used to this new look is to wear a lighter blue on top and a darker blue on bottom, as this is a little more pleasing to the eye. Mixing textures can also help when balancing the blues, as your outfit will not look so monochromatic. Try a light blue silk blouse with denim jeans or navy blue slacks for work.

Be sure to keep the rest of your outfit neutral – make up, accessories and shoes included. Blue is already a bold and sometimes intimidating color, so incorporating another strong hue to your outfit will make for a brash statement.

striped hanky hem tunic
Striped Hanky Hem Tunic from Monroe and Main


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Damaris Gonzalez

Awesome, I did not knew it, I though the color was black. Thank you

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Published on Feb 19 2016

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