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woman in southwest pattern maxi skirt and rust colored top

Color confidence with what you wear

Incorporating color into your ensemble is a great way to feel fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous. However, some women are intimidated by the prospect of diving into the wonders of the color wheel. There’s plenty of worries that come with brightening up your wardrobe. Which hues go together? Are these colors too casual? What can I wear to work? Use these tips so you can experience color confidence in your ensemble:

Wear the right fit for color confidence

First, know that colors are appropriate for nearly any occasion. Of course, you may want to stick to dark shades for wakes and funerals and avoid wearing white at weddings, but otherwise, you should view hues as a way to showcase your personality through your wardrobe.

Many women use black as their go-to shade because of its slimming effects. While dark colors certainly do hide bumps and bulges, the fit of the clothes matters more than the hue. You can easily experience color confidence by wearing clothes that work for your body type. That way, you won’t mind that bright hues draw attention to your ensemble because your shape will look great. Learn how to dress your body type with our identify-your-shape infographic.

woman wearing emerald green empire waist dress

Know the rules of color wheel

One of the biggest fashion dilemmas when it comes to wearing different shades is understanding what colors coordinate. With a basic understanding of the color wheel, you can smoothly integrate different hues into your wardrobe that will work together to highlight your best features and showcase your sense of style. Here are a few of the basic rules of color as revealed by Attire Club:

  • Use up to three colors including a primary color (the outfit’s main color), a secondary color and a highlight color.
  • Pair two colors together using analog colors. These hues sit on either side of any one shade on the color wheel.
  • Create variety with complementary colors, which sit directly across from each other on the color wheel.
  • Achieve even more variety with triad colors, which are three hues equidistant on the color wheel.

Woman wearing a colorful duster and purple pants

Pull from a print

If the rules of the color wheel aren’t entirely clear yet, you can incorporate multiple hues into your ensemble through a pattern. Select one statement piece in the outfit, whether that be a striped shirt, a floral-print pair of pants or a chevron blouse. Then, use the hues in the print as highlighter colors. For example, if your fall sweater hosts shades of blue, orange and yellow, you may want to wear it over a pair of orange capris or with blue jewelry.

woman in southwest outfit

Start with small doses

As with any new endeavor in which you’re stretching beyond your comfort zone, you may want to start with small doses when incorporating color into your wardrobe. If your closet is full of shades of gray and black, start with a few pieces that host a single, non-neutral color. For example, pick out a lovely purple dress or a pair of patterned capris.

You can work in even smaller steps by limiting your color at first to just your clothing accessories. Select a statement necklace with a bold color, or don a vibrant pair of dangling earrings. Just be sure to keep branching out so you can experience full color confidence.

Achieve color confidence this season by using these fashion tips when selecting your stand-out ensemble.

colorful jewelry set

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My wife loves fall colors. I think she would rather have them instead of all the other seasons. She has been searching for ways to really match up her items.

Learned to use the colors in my print to accentuate the rest of my outfit.

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