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Embrace the art of accessorizing with scarves

Convertible Scarf Vest from Monroe & Main
Convertible Scarf Vest from Monroe & Main

There are few pieces that are as truly versatile as a high quality scarf. Whether you choose a wispy silk one or a cozy wool blanket scarf, there is no shortage of ways you can take this item to elevate your look. If you keep your fashion scarf collection updated, you’ve likely found that each time you invest in a new style, your outfit options increase tenfold. When it comes to accessories, scarves are one of the only things you truly need. Here are some options you should add to your arsenal and how to wear them:

Scarf vest

A scarf vest is a fabulous statement piece, no matter which way you wear it! Scarf vests are light and flowy, so they’re perfect for the spring. The arm holes allow you to wear it like a traditional vest that’s easy to dress up with for the office, or dress down with slimming jeans for the weekend. If you want the vest to flow, leave the sides hanging loose, or tie it in the front for a more polished look.


By simply tying the longest points of the scarf together, you can loop it over the back of your head for fuller look, or twist it to create a cowl-neck tank top. You can use this scarf to show as much skin or cover up. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling chilly on a summer night after being outside all day, you know how handy it would be to have something lightweight that you can wear in the sun, but will also keep you warm all evening.

Blanket scarf

Blanket scarves are the perfect option for a wintry commute that leads you to a chilly office. Wear them around your neck like a traditional scarf, then when you sit down at your desk, you can unfurl it to create a shawl that’ll keep you cozy under that air vent. If you want to work your blanket scarf into a staple of your outfit, wearing it around your neck like the rest of your scarves is far from your only option. Simply draping it across the back of your neck, letting it hang down your front and securing it with a leather belt around your waist is a great way to pull off a bohemian look without adding too much bulk. It’s also the perfect scarf to wear like a cape, giving your vibe a hint of glam.

“Silk scarves give off an old Hollywood vibe.”

Silk scarf

Is there anything that elicits an old Hollywood vibe more than a silk scarf? While we can certainly embrace the big sunglasses/silk scarf wrapped around the head combo, it’s not the only way to wear this scarf. Try tying your favorite silk scarf around your neck and channel a Parisian look, or consider supplementing a too-low neckline on a work blouse by giving your scarf to maintain a triangular shape around your neck. As always, silk scarves make fabulous hair accessories as well.

Bright Wave Patterned Scarf from Monroe & Main
Bright Wave Patterned Scarf from Monroe & Main (please note, not a silk scarf)

Infinity scarf

If you haven’t invested in an infinity scarf yet, what are you waiting for? These versatile scarves are the perfect choice for chilly seasons like spring and fall, because they’re lightweight, but can be wrapped around your neck two to three times to keep you toasty. They’re perfectly paired with just about any style of women’s fashion jackets. This is especially true if you’re caught in the rain! Simply unwrap your infinity scarf to act as a makeshift hood.

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