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Find the shapewear for you

Various styles of body briefers adn shapewear

Everyone has a thing or two about their body that they are not completely happy about. Whether it’s bigger hips, a smaller bust or even love handles, there is a shapewear item that will help you to get the look you want. Here are some tips to help you find the shapewear that is right for you:

Make sure you buy shapewear that fits. If it is improperly sized it will be uncomfortable and won’t give you the flattering look you are hoping to achieve. When you head to the fitting room, try several sizes to ensure that you are getting the right fit for you body. Be sure to walk around and sit so you know you will be comfortable.

Shapewear is able to provide the flattering effects that you desire by coming in several different constriction levels. If you are hoping to smooth out your body, choose medium constriction shapewear. For a total figure transformation, try strong constriction. Some brands give each item a “performance level” which will indicate how much it will alter your body shape. If there isn’t a performance level listed, just feel the fabric. Heavier fabrics are likely to have built-in compression zones to tuck your body into the shape you’re hoping for. Lighter fabrics are for smoothing out specific spots on your figure.

Choose your shapewear based on your outfit. Wear a high-waisted number for a smoothed-out torso. If you’re looking to shape your legs, choose a pair of tights or leggings with built-in shapewear. Stay away from wearing tights and shapewear together as they may become uncomfortable. Pick a full bodysuit for shaping your entire body. These are great if you are wearing a dress or looking to minimize a larger chest. There are also styles of shapewear that do not include the bust area, allowing you to wear whatever bra you desire. Looking to emphasize your behind? Try a pair of high-waisted bottoms that lift and separate to show your fullest butt and smooth your stomach and sides.

Check the material. Some shapewear is made with synthetics, which keep you warm but do not allow for much breathability. If you live in a warmer climate or are looking for shapewear to wear during the summertime, be sure to look for items made with a cotton blend. They are better for temperature control and will allow your skin to breathe while also absorbing some sweat.

We also have a guide to plus-size shapewear that you can read. > 

Have questions about shapewear? Ask us in the comments below!

Try our tips to finding the shapewear that is right for you.

Comments (7)

Hi I got the corset in a 3x too big ,then 2x was still to big.... it

The Good thing s about that is you can have it take it in I’m ,5’3 Inches and 265 lbs Very Top heavy 50 DD (bust) so overall its runs larger so get a size down support great. So overall it worth the time and money .

P.S consider how ur body is shaped!!!!!!!

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment. We appreciate you sharing!

Lisa Hayden

I agree with you that we should choose shapewears according to our physique but one more thing I would like to add here i.e. I think, we should always buy hooked shapewears.

Florence Cole

please do you have size !8?

Monroe and Main

We do sell size Size 18 Florence! Is there a particular item you are looking for? Here’s a link to all our shapewear: Thanks for the comment. If you need any more info, you can comment again or send us an email to


I am between a 16 and 18 and I’m very small chested but have a big butt! I assume I am type A shape? I need to know what clothes to wear to flatter myself! Please help!

Monroe and Main

Hi Tammy, Thanks for the comment and for seeking help. We are not sure what type A shape is? Maybe you mean triangle? Are you able to take your measurements? Take a look at our How to Take Your Measurements and Identify Your Shape posts to get more information. Then we have lots of articles on How to Dress for your Body Type here: Feel free to comment some more and give us an idea of what you normally like to wear and we are happy to help! 🙂 You can also email us at

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Published on Feb 02 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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