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Head-turning ways to wear your scarves

Woman in bird print scarf over beige crochet top and jeans

Scarves are a staple accessory that can add panache to almost any outfit in any season. You can wear them to the office and at home, or even out for the evening. Throw a scarf on with boot cut jeans and a T-shirt, or wear one with a skirt and blazer. You name it, a scarf will look great with it. If you’re a scarf-lover but feel like you only know one or two different ways to wear them, check out these stylish ways to tie a scarf:

The classics
The two classic scarf knots are really great jumping-off points for experimenting with different styles on your own. The most basic way to wear a scarf is to simply wrap it around your neck once. Both ends of the scarf should be hanging in front of you, with the middle loosely covering your neck. The second classic way is to fold the scarf in half, put it over your shoulders, and pull the two loose ends through the looped end in front of you. This particular knot looks lovely when done with knit scarves under a woman’s pea coat.

As a headband
You don’t have to wear a scarf around your neck to make a stylish statement. Thin and light scarves are beautiful when worn as a headband, too! To get the look, spread the scarf onto a flat surface and fold it into a 2- to 3-inch​-wide band. Wrap the headband around your head, positioning it however you like headbands to sit. Then tie the ends together, making a knot at the bottom of your head.

Like a tie
As with the headband, this style looks best with lighter scarves rather than heavy knit ones. Pull the scarf over your shoulders with one end slightly longer than the other, as if you’re tying a tie. Loop the longer end around the shorter end twice. Then pull the long end behind, up and over the loops, tucking it into the second loop you’ve made. The scarf knot should resemble a basic tie knot that you can leave loose or tighten closer to your neck. Try wearing this style with blouses for work.

Looped twice
This knot looks elegant but simple, so it’s beautiful for wearing to any occasion. Do the classic scarf knot, looping it once around your neck so that both ends are hanging in front of you with the middle covering your neck. Then tuck each end into the loop around your neck, and pull them all the way down.

In a bow
For a pretty and feminine take on a scarf knot, try simply tying it into a bow. Drape the scarf over your shoulders with the ends in front of you. knot the ends loosely together, make loops with either end, and tie them into a bow. Make the bow as small or large as you’d like – either way the knot is beautiful and unique.

Around the waist
Another alternative to wearing a scarf around your neck is putting it around your waist! If you have a favorite dress that you always belt around the waist, try replacing the belt with a thin scarf. Leave the ends hanging in front of you, or tie them into an off-center bow.


New fun ways to wear scarves.New fun ways to wear scarves.New fun ways to wear scarves.New fun ways to wear scarves.

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Published on Dec 19 2014

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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