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Our holiday must-haves keep you cozy and stylish

Women in jeans, red top, white hat and scarf

Red top with white hat and scarf

Are your weekends from now until New Year’s filled to the brim with holiday parties? Or maybe you only plan to attend a select few gatherings, spending time with your closest family and friends instead? No matter how many events you have on your calendar, no doubt you want to look your best for each and every one of them. With Monroe & Main’s holiday look book, finding the perfect festive outfit is a cinch.

“Our guide has everything you need to celebrate the season.”

Our latest guide has everything you need to celebrate the season both at the office and after hours. Show off your curves in the Lola Colored Slim Jean, available in black, gray or eggplant. Pick your favorite shade, or grab one in every color! Pro tip: These jeans look great when paired with the Slub Dolman Top, available in black, red, ivory and toast. This cozy blouse has a soft, comfortable fit that is loose where you need it and snug where you want it.

If your work demands a more formal pick, dress things up with a structured jacket. The Boyfriend Blazer is particularly popular this season, but we have a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. You’re sure to find something that fits your fashion sense.

If not a blazer, try the 3-piece Tuxedo Wardrober. This full set comes with both skirt and pant options, making it the perfect transition piece for the office party.

3 women wearing suits

Are multiple holiday gatherings on your to-do list? Don’t fret; our dressy blouses and stunning skirts will keep you classically beautiful for every single one. The holidays are the perfect time to play things up, so experiment with features like lace, sparkles, velvet and dramatic silhouettes. The Holiday Drama Blouse, with its bell sleeves and A-line structure, is sure to flatter your body type and match almost anything in your closet. Also, check out the Garbo Faux-Leather Skirt. This four-panel circle piece uses a V-shaped yoke waistline for a beautifully feminine fit. Sleek faux-leather fabric with an embossed pattern takes your outfit to the next level.

Woman wearing black leather skirt and burgundy top

We also have a number of special occasion pant suits that are perfect for an upscale evening. The Tweed Dream Gaucho Set has cross-body trim to enhance your curves and cropped, wide-leg pants for showing off your boots. Or, try the Monika Pant Suit – its long jacket and straight leg pants are versatile enough for days at the office and nights on the town.

Woman wearing tweed gauchos and jacket

Finally, finish things off with a seasonal coat or cape. With our choices, you don’t have to compromise between style and warmth. Stay coordinated with our matching Sherpa Trim and Glove Set, or tackle the outdoors in the Snowbird Coat by Halifax.

Woman wearing red puffy coat with furry hood

 Your ultimate source for holiday fashion

Monroe & Main is your one-stop shop for looks and presents this holiday season. Pick up a few perfect outfits for yourself and complete your gift list all in one go! Our holiday guide is filled with our favorites for this year, but don’t stop there. We have tons of holiday-ready outfits just waiting to enter your wardrobe.

No matter what occasion you have lined up, Monroe & Main helps you greet the season with style.

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David Melman

How do I download possible future purchases,is like to create a wishlist for my girlfriend so if her lovedones want my advice on what to buy for her, I can suggest something from a wishlist of preferences. David Mermen. ( by the way, this is my account. I opened an account so I can surprise her with a gift now and then. Also, she is the recipient of 2 awards for her volunteer work, 1 was from naming. for working with battered women, the other was for advocating on behalf of cancer patients.( she supported me thru mine and as a result i am in remission!) so she has several colleagues/clients who would like to buy her some gifts to show their gratitude, Especially the clients that fled life threatening situations with nothing but the clothes on their backs! So she (who use to model,she worked as a model for 15 years on and off, and accumulated closets full of clothes and would give them to her clients to lift their spirits, but made it possible for them have proper clothes to attend interviews to get jobs, im explaining this to you because I had to use her ipad so I could open an account with my email.(I stupidly left my laptop on the plane in the over head compartment returning from a business trip) Anyway, could you direct me on how to open a wishlist? It would be in my name, in my account, but for her behalf, of course mine to cause I saw some things I liked. You all at MuM have been great. I needed help this am and you got right back to me. Thankyou so much, I will watch for your response. David Merman; Aweber/payzeno Inc. Pus could you tell Bizrate that I did finish their questionare on M&M. Thanks again

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Published on Nov 06 2017

Last Updated on Dec 01 2017

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