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Woman in white pants and blue caftan with seashell pattern

How to wear a caftan

There’s no better time for an ethereal dress like a caftan than the spring and summer. These lightweight garments are perfect to dress up or down for an event as casual as a backyard barbecue or as formal as a wedding.

Caftans, or long tunics date back centuries, worn by several cultures throughout the world. The hippie counterculture of the 1960s brought them into mainstream Western fashion. Though there’s been a lull in caftan sales through the years, this style of dress is seeing a surge in popularity. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli are featuring it on the runway, and celebrities like Beyonce and the Olsen twins are looking glamorous in their caftans as well. Gypsy goddess Jessa from HBO’s “Girls” frequently wears caftans as well. Here are a few ways you can style your caftan this summer:

Caftans can be short as well.Caftans can be short as well as long.

Go glam

Though caftans are incredibly comfortable and give you a carefee vibe, there’s no reason you can’t glam them up a little bit. Pair a brightly colored or patterned caftan with a pair of metallic strappy heels and a matching clutch. Don’t hesitate to go all out with your jewelry as well – try some gold bangles and big jeweled earrings.

Channel your hippie roots

On the other hand, if your whole body is comfortable in your flowing gown, why not let the rest of your body be comfortable too? Wear your caftan with a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals and a leather hobo bag, and leave your hair down.The ’60s were one of the most stylish decades, so don’t be afraid to let your hippie side out!

Belt it

If you love the idea of a caftan but are afraid that the loose fit will hide your curves, try wearing a belt around your waist. This will highlight your hourglass shape, while still letting the loose fabric of your garment drape around you. It’s the best of both worlds!

“Pair your caftan with block or wedge heels.”

For weekend wear

If you don’t want to dress your caftan up too much, but you still want too look put together for a weekend party, simply pair your caftan with some wedge or block heels and a call it a night. The shoes will instantly give people the impression that you put thought into your outfit – even if you just wanted to be comfortable.

Try a short one

While short celebs like Nicole Richie rock caftans on the red carpet all the time, many women are concerned that a flowy dress will be too long on them, causing them to trip all over the bottoms of their dresses. However, there are ways around this! If pairing a caftan with some heels isn’t your thing, you can also invest in a short caftan. These usually hit right above the knee, letting you show off your legs, while still keeping your look modest with the loose fit.

What if it’s sheer?

Many gorgeous caftans are actually marketed as swimsuit cover​-ups, so women who don’t spend their days laying around the pool tend to not even give them a chance. If this sounds like you, you’re missing out! A simple slip or a little black dress is the perfect option underneath a sheer caftan. Not only are these lightweight and comfortable, but you also mix and match to create a wide variety of other outfits!

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A caftan would also be prefect to wear to the beach! You can make it look really simple and summery by pairing it with some sandals and a nice beach hat. Then you will look all ready for the beach, and everyone will love your style.

Thanks for the great idea, Rosie!

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