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How to maintain your cold weather outerwear

Colder weather can really do a number on your clothes and shoes. Try these tips to keep your belongings in top shape!

Colder weather can really do a number on your clothes and shoes. Try these tips to keep your belongings in top shape!

Beginning of the season
Go through your closet and locate all of your cold weather outerwear. Take note of the condition of your clothing. If there are any rips or tears or broken buttons and zippers, set the item aside to take to a seamstress or fix yourself. Hopefully you put everything away in good condition after last year! Take note of any items that may be misplaced or need replacing. This way you will know what you don’t have and need to buy when the weather calls for it. If you live in an urban environment, there is a good chance that you will encounter salt on the sidewalks and roads once it starts to get icy. Weatherproof your boots and any shoes that you regularly wear in the wintertime with a winterizing treatment.  It comes in spray and wash form and will help prevent salt from damaging your shoes. It will also help to keep them water resistant.

Snowbird Coat

Middle of the season
Outerwear tends to get dirty from snow and mud. Wash any items that do not need dry cleaning, like hats, mittens and scarves, and take any dirty dry clean-only items to the cleaners. While it may take some extra time, maintaining your clothing will really help to increase its lifespan, and it looks nicer when it’s clean and in good shape. Take note of whether you are adding layers upon layers under your coat to stay warm or if your jacket is appropriate for the temperatures. Sometimes purchasing a new coat or gloves is necessary in order to be better prepared for the weather.

Let it snow Gloves

End of the season
When it’s time to put away your outerwear, be sure it is clean. Take dry clean-only jackets and accessories to the dry cleaners and toss everything else in the washer at home. As for boots, some liners can be taken out and added to the load in the washing machine. If not, try to hand wash them with a scrub brush and some laundry detergent. Be sure the sole is free of mud and debris so your closet doesn’t get dirty. If any of your outerwear is beyond repair or missing, head to end-of-season sales and pickup something new to keep you warm and dry next year.

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Are there other steps you need to take for preserving wool coats?

Monroe and Main

We are not sure about this Jeanine. Thanks for the comment though. Perhaps you can check with your local dry cleaner and see if they have some recommendations.


i love the boots and the jacket thanks for the info!

rochelle haynes

Thanks for the tips they are great

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Published on Sep 11 2018

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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