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What to Wear

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Something for all styles and tastes from day to night and work to weekend. Get fashion tips on how to feel comfortable and confident for every occasion. Starting with simple tips and tricks to best flatter your shape, get ready to take it all on with fashion fit for you from Monroe and Main.

Woman in white blazer over multi-colored sheath dress How to dress for air-conditioned office

Summer is a time for pretty dresses, short sleeves and sandals – except, that is, if your office is air conditioned.

Mix & Match Swimwear pieces from Monroe and Main Building a swimsuit wardrobe

While most women are mentally ready for the warm weather and sandy beaches, not all of their wardrobes are prepared with the proper summer swimwear.

Several women wearing different necklaces Your guide for wearing statement necklaces

Check out why we love statement necklaces, along with a few tips for wearing these stylish accessories.

Woman in Box-Weaved Fedora and red blouse A guide to summer hats

Hats can be a great statement piece for the summer season, and they can also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Suitcase full of clothes and accessories The packing list: Essentials for summer travel

Pack a perfect wardrobe without worry. Take a look at our recommended essentials for summer travel.

Woman in blue floral sun dress and white sandals Fit and flare: The perfect summer style

If you’re currently transitioning your wardrobe from winter to summer, take a look at these ways to incorporate fit-and-flare styles into your warm-weather clothing.

Fashion designer with examples of flattering style tops and dresses VIDEO: Flattering Styles

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares our flattering styles. From Empire Waist, Tunic, and Fit & Flare, our flattering styles will address any shape concerns

Woman handwashing an article of clothing Making your clothes last longer

Here are some clothing care tips to follow beyond the label. 

Fashion designer holding up black jacket VIDEO: Wear to Work Collection

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares tips on communicating confidence and poise with our Wear to Work Collection on this video.

Woman in fuschia jacket over black jumpsuit Turn heads with a stand-out jacket

A vibrantly colored flattering jacket, like Monroe and Main’s new Stretch Cotton Bright Jacket in Berry, is one of the best ways to wear a statement piece.

Woman in yellow ruched waist top and black pants Tops at the top of the list

Tops are the high profile element worn closest to the face, so memorable that it defines our image. Wear them with style!

With your well-defined waist and ample bust, a peplum top is a perfect choice. Following office dress code with a fuller figure

We’ve got some helpful tips for women with fuller figures to find the right clothing to wear to work.

Woman in black dress, gold necklace and multi-colored purse Little black dress: Wear this staple 5 different ways!

There are countless ways to wear a black dress, making it one of the most adaptable and practical items any woman can own.

Woman in black multi-colored patterned empire-waist dress and black and white heels Wardrobe advice from top stylists for the stars

We’ve rounded up some advice from celebrity stylists so you can reap the benefits of their knowledge without hiring your own personal wardrobe consultant.

Woman in dark teal jacket, black pants and gray handbag What to wear: Going from day to night

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or a CEO, one thing’s for sure: you have a lot going on.

Woman in teal blouse and black pants A guide for dressing your beautiful pear-shaped figure

Women with pear-shaped bodies are in good company because it’s actually the most common female body shape!

Woman in burgundy skirt suit with black mock belt and black ankle strap pumps Freshen up your wardrobe!

A hint of this and a sprinkling of that can really add fun to any outfit. Try these interesting ornamentations to bring some fresh touches to your wardrobe!

Woman in black lace blouse and white pants with black edging Holiday party tips for women of any size

We’ve come up with some tips on how to dress for a holiday party, no matter your shape or size.

Woman in gray-multi long cardigan over brown top and black pants 3 types of cardigan styles and how to wear them

When choosing the right cardigan as a plus-sized lady, you should consider a few different things, like color, pattern and cut.

When you've got a plethora of things to do outside of the house this weekend, a plaid flannel shirt can be super handy. When you've got a plethora of things to do outside of the house this weekend, a plaid flannel shirt can be super handy. Pleasurable plaid

Plaid can be tricky, but we’ve got some pointers on how to wear it and feel your best!