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Pairing shapewear with your holiday attire

Everyone wants to look their best during the holidays. There are plenty of events to attend and lots of pictures will be taken. You might have been scouring online clothing catalogs to buy the perfect getup. But what about what goes underneath your outfit? Shapewear has come a long way since the can’t-breathe-corset days. It has evolved into undergarments that slim and highlight the figures of women of all sizes. Here’s how to pair body shapewear with your holiday attire to ensure you look and feel great.

Decide what you’re wearing

The type of clothing you are wearing can determine what kind of shapewear you need. For instance, a dress can require a completely different undergarment than a pantsuit. If you’re buying shapewear with the intention of wearing it for the holidays, you must get your outfit first.

Shapewear is made out of both structured and elastic materials to support all areas of your body from your arms to your bottom. These fabrics work strategically when paired with the right article of clothing to enhance your figure, so knowing what kind of outfit you’ll be wearing is essential to a flattering undergarment.

woman wearing a black dress

Determine your size

It’s a common misconception that the tighter the shapewear, the more slimming it is. In fact, this couldn’t be less true. If your shapewear isn’t sized correctly it can create undergarment lines and bulges and can do more harm than good. Plus, you will be uncomfortable the entire night. Choosing the right size shapewear is essential.

If you’re buying your garments online, look to the measurement sections for guidance. Stores offer size charts that include busts, waists, hips and even inseams. In addition, most online catalogs offer directions on how to find your measurements so that you can get them just right.

Still not convinced? Browse the customer comments and review sections. Other buyers highlight if a size runs too big or small and offer advice that could point you in the right direction. Hint: Be sure to plan ahead with your order. Even by taking these precautions, sometimes an item doesn’t fit. Luckily, online returns are simple, and you can use your knowledge with the first purchase to order your perfectly fitted garment.

Here's how to take measurements before shopping for clothes online.

Know your body shape

No one knows your body better than you do. Although you should feel confident no matter your size, shapewear can make you feel, and as a result, look more confident. For instance, women with hourglass shapes could use a control slip or a full body briefer to highlight their figure. The corset on these cinches the smallest part of a woman’s waist to emphasize her natural curves. On the other hand, women with more boyish or slim figures might want a piece that adds a little something to their shape. A padded brief or girdle can give your bottom lift and support to add natural and subtle-looking curves.

Note: Don’t be afraid to buy separates, even if you’re wearing a dress. Sometimes a certain neckline calls for a particular bra that a body suit does not have. It’s best to choose two garments that are perfect fits rather than one that is just an OK fit.

Body briefer

Take material into consideration

Just like any article of clothing, shapewear should be chosen with the fabric in mind. The last thing you want is to be sporting a full body suit underneath your skirt and sweating at your work’s holiday party. Most undergarments are made of synthetic fabrics that are great for the colder temperatures. However, they don’t offer much breathability, so consider your outfit’s material as well. If you’re prone to overheating, choose a shapewear material that provides a good amount of air flow like cotton or lace.

Pick something that is you

Just like any other article of clothing, shapewear should also be chosen based on your personal style. Many different garments have beautiful patterns, lace or colors. If you like nude, choose something in that shade. If all black makes you feel sophisticated, a dark corset will help shape your figure and self-confidence. Choosing cute undergarments can make you feel great – even if you’re the only one who sees them.

Try our tips to finding the shapewear that is right for you.

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