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Rock those fashion belts

jeans with brown belt

Long gone are the days of looking for an inconspicuous belt to lay flush beneath your shirt. There are so many fun styles of fashion belts these days that you don’t have to worry about hiding them – they actually complement your couture! Here are a few of today’s most popular belt styles and how to go about accessorizing with them:

Spice up a plain dress with a pop of color.Spice up a plain dress with a pop of color.

Cinch a sweater

Whether it’s a long cardigan or a bulky knit sweater, there’s no way to sharpen a look and accentuate your figure than wearing a belt around your waist. This is also a good way to keep getting use out of a cardigan that you may not be able to button up. In most cases, a thinner belt will look more polished with a baggy sweater than a thick one, but there’s no harm in experimenting with different widths to see what flatters your shape the best.

Enhance a shapeless dress

Straight-cut dresses flatter some figures better than others. If you have one of those dresses that looks great on the hanger, not as great on, get some use out of it by wearing a belt over your natural waist. Not only will this give you a stunning hourglass appearance, but you can even change a single dress up by using different belts! Use a black patent-leather one for a casual day spent running errands, but consider an embellished one for a night out on the town.

Use it as a focal point

A simple, understated outfit can be taken to the next level with a glamorous belt. Try a plain black dress with an embellished belt around your waist or a tunic and leggings with a metallic belt loosely draped around your hips. With the right belt, you won’t even need to accessorize with a lot of jewelry and you’ll still look stylish and put together. Belts with chains or studs will give your outfit an edgy vibe that’ll pair well with motorcycle boots or a cropped leather jacket.

Give your look a carefree vibe

Speaking of a belt loosely draped around your hips, you can also do this with a woven belt or one that ties to give your outfit a carefree, boho vibe. Who said you couldn’t still look chic while being comfortable? Consider rocking this look with leggings, a pair of sandals and a leather hobo bag. Let your hair down, too!

“We’re always excited about new ways to use a scarf.”

Go for something retro

It’s not just loose-fitting outfits that get a little something extra from a belt. A flirty, retro-inspired A-line skirt and a tucked in blouse will look even more polished when topped with a medium-width belt. This also works for spicing up a solid-colored, A-line dress.Try a subdued look with a plain belt, or get a little funky with it by adding something more fun, like an animal print or a bold color.

You don’t even have to use an actual belt

We’re always excited about new ways to use a scarf! For an ethereal look, consider tying a long scarf around your waist or hips in place of a belt. This is a great way to experiment with something new, as well as get some use out of that silk scarf you impulsively bought at that vintage shop.

Hold up your jeans

Of course, you still need basic staples to serve the original purpose of a belt! Invest in a quality brown and black leather belt so you have one for any outfit that needs it. Remember to match your belt to your shoes!

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Published on May 26 2016

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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