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Sleep in style

It’s time to toss your ripped, oversized T-shirts in the garbage. There is no right or wrong way to sleep, but have you ever considered shaping up your pajamas? Here is your guide to buying women’s sleepwear so you can snooze in style.

woman wearing a comfortable pajama set
Nothing But Good Dreams PJ Set 

First, choose your material

When it comes to pajamas, there are plenty of different material options. Be sure to choose a fabric based on your own personal comfort because you’re the one who will be wearing it every night. Here are some material options that could be right for you:

  • Silk: No matter what season it is, this fabric is ideal. It’s designed to keep you warm in the cold and cool when it’s hot. Traditionally, silk is a little more expensive than other fabrics, but if maintained and cleaned properly, it will last a long time. Synthetic silk is also available, which is lower in cost and has lower cleaning maintenance. In addition, this fabric is considered luxurious and elegant, usually made into camisoles, drawstring shorts or other women’s intimates. If you’re considering this for nightwear, also look into a robe to throw over.
  • Cotton: Cotton is seen as the most traditional and versatile one used for pajamas. It’s comfortable, lightweight and breathable – the perfect combination for something to wear to bed. In addition, it is low in cost and found in many stores.
  • Flannel: This fabric is similar to cotton but provides a little bit more warmth. It comes in many different forms but is conventionally seen in sleepwear sets with plaid prints.
  • Other: There are additional kinds of fabrics when it comes to nighttime wear, such as fleece, wool or jersey, but these are less popular. Wool and fleece are heavy and can make you susceptible to overheating and irritation, and while jersey is comfortable, it is not found in many sleepwear frocks.

Be sure to choose your material based on your sleeping habits, the temperature and overall personal preference.

Next, choose your style

Once you’ve chosen your fabric, the next step to perfecting your sleepwear is picking a style. To find one for you, consider your sleeping habits. Do you toss and turn all night? Then you’re going to want something that gives your legs and arms freedom, like a nightdress with short sleeves. That way, your body won’t feel restricted throughout the night. How do you like the temperature when you’re snoozing? If you like to be warm, a pair of pajamas that covers both your arms and legs might be up your alley. On the other hand, if you get warm easily, an adorable matching shirt and pair of shorts might be more your speed. Whatever you decide on, make sure that it fits with the the way you like to sleep so that your getup works with your lifestyle, not against it.

woman wearing pajamas
Touch of Lace Robe and Gown Set

After that, choose your print

There aren’t many people that will see your nightwear beyond close friends, family and the occasional neighbor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick something that makes you feel stylish. There are plenty of different pajama prints like plaid, striped, floral, solid-colored, polka dotted and many more. In addition, there are plenty of styles that rock graphic pictures or sayings. Find one you love so you’ll feel like yourself even when you’re snoozing away.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. You might love a top that comes in one set and a bottom from another. You’re allowed as much personal freedom as you have in your everyday wardrobe. Actually, you may even have more because sometimes you’re the only person who sees your sleepwear.

woman wearing a Flannel Night Shirt
Flannel Night Shirt

Lastly, add some accessories

There’s not many occasions when accessorizing is out of the question, including during sleep. No, we don’t mean add a necklace or bracelet. Instead, be sure to accessorize with practical items like a relaxing sleep mask, comfy pair of slippers or a fuzzy robe. That way, you’ll have all the components to look, feel and sleep well.

Note: When it comes to newly purchased pajamas, take a look at the label. What kind of washing does it require? Oftentimes fabrics are delicate, and you’re going to want to take care of your PJs fully so you get your money’s worth.

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