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Sleeve Guide

Gone are the days of throwing on a tank top and running out the door. Now that the air is getting colder, you have much more options for sleeved tops – but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about being overheated. Not sure what kind of sleeves are for you? Here’s our sleeve guide so you can choose the style to fit your body and personality:

Dare to Bare Top

Cap sleeve

The cap sleeve is very popular among women’s fashion trendsetters, and with good reason! This sleeve is very short and hangs over the shoulder without extending underneath the arm. It’s widely found in t-shirts and blouses, but can also be used in dresses and tunics. The cap sleeve allows for more room so it’s great if you’re active throughout the day so you won’t feel restricted. It’s also a very flattering style for people of all body shapes because it isn’t too tight on the arm. Need a shirt to wear underneath your blazer at the office? Opt for the cap sleeve. Because this shirt’s sleeves are not too bulky, it fits underneath anything with long sleeves without them poking through.

Three-quarter sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves are a nice alternative when you’re in between cool fall and freezing winter. They can provide your arms with the warmth they may need, but you won’t get too overheated. In addition they are very flattering because they traditionally stop at the elbow which is generally the slimmer part of any woman’s arm. Three-quarter sleeves are great to match with accessories like cuff bracelets. Your wrist won’t be covered so you can don an adorable bangle that will shine.

Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are pretty self explanatory: They are sleeves shaped like a bell, with different degrees of fullness. These are great to enhance the casual and relaxed look. Most women like to pair a bell-sleeved women’s blouse or dress with a belt to cinch their waist and give them more shape.

Bell Sleeve Knit Top

Long sleeves

One of the many great things about cooler weather is being able to wear long sleeves again. Long sleeves tend to cover most, if not all of your arm ending at the wrist. In addition to warmth, these sleeves are also incredibly versatile. They’re great to throw underneath a vest to provide that extra warmth but also contrast colors. The more the temperature drops, the more long sleeves come in handy because they are great for layering underneath fashion jackets.

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