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Summer accessories: Bracelets, anklets and rings

Accessorizing during winter months is almost effortless. You throw on a scarf here, a cardigan there, and you’re ready to take on that snow storm that’s coming your way. As for the summer, it’s a little harder because you’re looking to shed some layers, not add more. Suddenly your sundress and simple T-shirt-and-shorts combo seems bland without that extra oomph.

Starfish Necklace and Earring Set from Monroe and Main
Starfish Necklace and Earring Set from Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main’s new line of summer fashion accessories will have you feeling cool and looking hot. Wear them with confidence in a casual or fancy setting, to the beach or on a date.

Here are nine accessories you can rock this summer:

1. Silvertone Multicolored Hand Jewelry

This delicate bracelet-and-ring set will complement all of your summer outfits and dress up some of your more casual ensembles. It’s great for one of those scorching days, as the jewelry set won’t add extra heat to your neck. For a daytime look, wear this jewelry set with jean shorts and a flowy tank top. Transform it into a date-night outfit by wearing it with a solid color dress and a pair of wedge sandals that match.

2. Seed Bead

The multicolored seed bead necklace-and-bracelet set comes embellished with glass and metal accents. This jewelry set is a surefire way to dress up any casual outfit without looking like you went overboard. Its psychedelic coloring makes a bold statement as the piece shines under the sun’s rays. Wear it with your solid-color hi-low dresses. We recommend black so you don’t take away from the colorful beading. For a more relaxed, daytime look, wear with your white blouses and casual shorts for women. If you’re worried you’ll look too casual for your luncheon, put your trusty seed bead set on and you will instantly enhance your look.

A delightful cascade of kaleidoscopic bits of color, this layered, multi-strand necklace adds a happy touch to any outfit. Necklace has 26" inside circumference.
Seed Bead Jewelry Set from Monroe and Main

3. Faux Turquoise Ring Set

If you like to accessorize light during the summer, this five-piece ring set is perfect for you. Crafted with turquoise stones and intricate metal detailing, the rings are both dainty and chic, and can be worn with absolutely anything. Wear one, three or all five at once! Rings are a neutral accessory, so feel free to pair them with one of your favorite necklaces or bracelets.

4. Sealife Foot Jewelry

If you’re planning on attending a beach or pool party this year, accessorize with this unique anklet that wraps around your toe. It is made with resin strings and accented with wooden beads and metal seashells and starfish. Just be sure to take it off while you’re tanning or you’ll end up with some interesting tan lines.

Have extra fun on the beach with this unique piece! Resin, wood and metal accents. 26" l tie cords. Available in Goldtone and Silvertone.
Sealife Foot Jewelry from Monroe and Main

5.  Starfish Necklace/Earring Set

This jewelry set screams summer with its starfish detailing and turquoise beading. The necklace comes in a choice of turquoise or white beads embellished with a silver starfish, and the earrings are sterling silver. Wear as a set (or separately!) with a basic white tee and a pair of gaucho pants to make the turquoise beading stand out. If you decide to go with the white necklace, you’ll have more freedom to wear with any color blouse or dress – go crazy!

6. Wave Lucite Earrings

Another light piece of jewelry that will keep you cool in the warm weather is a simple yet classy pair of earrings. The groovy shape of these wave Lucite earrings creates an interesting aesthetic. They come in an array of tropical colors, like yellow, pink, green, blue and red, and neutral colors like black. You’ll have a pair for all of your favorite summer outfits! Wear them with printed dresses or asymmetrical skirts to keep up with the funky shape of the earring.

7. Triangle Necklace/Earring

The triangle necklace-and-earring set is another piece of lightweight jewelry that won’t weigh you down in the summer’s heat. The set is available in both gold and silver, and you have the choice of either a black, turquoise, white or yellow resin pendant. It is a simple yet sophisticated set that can be worn with any outfit – casual or dressy.

Triangles link together to create a bold geometric statement. Necklace is 18" long plus 3" extender. Earrings are 2 1/2" long. Available in goldtone, silvertone and gunmetal.
Triangle Necklace and Earring Set from Monroe and Main

8. Cylinder Pear Drop Necklace/Earring Set

This vibrant and gorgeous jewelry set is the ultimate piece to accessorize with for a night out on the town. It is designed with resin, crystal and fabric accents, and you have the choice of either shades of blue/green or pink/red beading. If you can’t choose, go with both! You’ll be able to wear them with all of your best summer dresses or even a casual blouse and a pair of shorts. Wear them as a set or separately, depending on how you’re feeling that day. Either way, you can’t go wrong, as you’ll look stunning no matter what.

This vibrant jewelry makes a bold statement. Resin, crystal and fabric accents. Necklace is 18" l necklace plus 3" extender. Earrings are 2 1/2" l. Available in Blue Multi/Silvertone and Pink Multi/Goldtone.
Cylinder Pear Drop Jewelry Set from Monroe and Main

9. Bead/Medallion Necklace/Earring Set

If you’re aiming for a bohemian vibe this summer. this necklace-and-earring set will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It may look big and chunky, but the string around neckpiece will keep you cool. It’s neutral in color – brown, beige and light blush – but has a pop of color with the turquoise beading. If you’re new to the boho style and aren’t sure how to wear this piece, try it with this beige Crochet Poncho and a pair of shorts. The necklace sits high up on against your collar bones, so avoid wearing it with halter tops.

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