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The dress every woman needs

Several women wearing same dress just in different colors

The Slimming Sassy Dress is taking center stage in fashion, and for good reason. It is the dress every woman needs. This piece provides the perfect fit for any body size or shape. Whether you have a tall/straight, petite/short, full-figure or curvy body type, you can easily work this piece into your style. So, if you’re searching for a reliable wardrobe staple, look no further. Find your favorite color and you’re guaranteed a great fit. Check out why the Slimming Sassy Dress has everyone so excited:

Why it looks so great

Slimming Sassy Dress in Berry
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Between the soft material and empire waistband that gathers the fabric in all the right places, narrowing your silhouette, it’s no wonder women are raving about this piece. That’s why we’ve made it in three gorgeous colors: black, berry and emerald. The comfort of the fit and fabric and the versatile style make the Slimming Sassy Dress a great option for all body types.

When to wear it

It’s important to have wardrobe items that can easily transition you from the summer heat to the chillier months of winter and fall, and the Slimming Sassy Dress can do that. The airy and flowy fit are perfect for keeping cooler during these warmer months. So, strap on a pair of open-toe pumps with this gorgeous dress, and you’ll be ready for any summertime scene.

You only need a few clothing accessories to make this frock appropriate for the fall and winter seasons. Legwear is key to adding warmth. With the neutral black color option of the dress, you can pair any hue of tights under this LBD to instantly turn your extra layer into a statement piece.

For footwear in cooler months, boots will keep your feet warm and add a fun style to your ensemble. Accessories should be proportional to your body type, so ankle boots will work well for shorter women. Footwear that reaches above the ankle, even up to the knee, is a great option for women with a taller stature.

Where to wear it

One of the best aspects about this garment is its versatility. According to Dyanne from Reva, Virginia, ladies can wear the dress to virtually any venue.

“Dressed this dress up for a formal function but can undress it for casual,” she wrote.

Shari Allison from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina agrees. She calls the Slimming Sassy Dress a “great find” and even ordered two of them.

“The fabric is very soft jersey knit and flows well,” she raved. “Great for travel, business meetings or afterhours!”.

Whether you’re headed to a formal gala or a casual family party, reach for the reliable Slimming Sassy Dress. Use jewelry to make it appropriate for different venues. Neutral metallic pieces work great with any of the three color options, and their innate shimmer automatically adds an elegant touch.

You can also easily make this dress work for a more relaxed venue with other clothing accessories, like a lightweight scarf or fashionable flats. Let your hair down, and allow your personal style to flow with the airy fit of this dress.

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The dress every woman needs: Monroe and Main's Slimming Sassy Dress

Comments (2)

patti chenault

how do I order this drress in green and what is the cost?

Monroe and Main

Hi Patti, Thanks for the comment. Here’s a link to the dress: Our Slimming Sassy Dress is on sale now for $69.95 in Misses or $79.95 in Plus. Thanks for your interest!

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Published on Jul 24 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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