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Transition your summer wardrobe into fall

woman wearing black jacket over gray top and soft pink pleated skirt

When transitioning last season’s pieces into fall, you’ll implement some of the same tricks for staying warm on cool summer nights. Layers, whether in the form of clothing items or fashion accessories, are key to bumping up the heat factor of your summer wardrobe, both in style and comfort. Follow this guide to easily carry these summer items into fall:

Twirl into fall with sundresses

These fun, flowy pieces are a key ingredient to landing the perfect summer wardrobe, and they are even better for transitioning into fall. Again, layers are crucial for taking dare-to-bare items into the cooler autumn months. Capture the best parts of both seasons by contrasting the feminine flair of the frock with an edgy leather jacket. You can also give a relaxed sun​dress a more professional look – for the office or a family party – by pairing it with a blazer.

Don’t forget about fall boots! This integral fall footwear is a great asset to a sundress ensemble. For a country vibe, opt for cowgirl boots or even just taller fall boots. You can easily look city chic with ankle boots and tights in your favorite fall colors: aubergine, cobalt, orange and red.

woman wearing a black jacket for a fall inspired look

Use tank tops as a base layer

Don’t put away those sleeveless tops just yet. Tanks are the perfect tool for layering, making them a great transitional piece. Just as you’d wear a cardigan to cover your arms on chilly summer nights when wearing a tank top, you can add a top layer to make this shirt ideal for a breezy autumn day. This is especially preferable for office wear because you never know if you’ll get a blast of air conditioning or heat when you walk into work. By wearing a bold patterned tank top under a neutral shrug, you can either keep that warmer layer on or remove it when it gets too hot while still looking absolutely stylish.

woman wearing Seamless Control Tank in fall

Wear sandals to keep your feet cool

Though boots are the typical fall footwear, you can still wear sandals in autumn, especially during the first few months of the season. Opt for strappy flats with a pair of colorful stretch jeans. Not only will this provide a comfortable alternative to heels, but you’ll also be kept cool if your extra layers prove to be too warm.

a woman wearing jeans with strappy sandals

Add visual interest with V-necks

A plunging neckline is a great way to beat the heat, that’s why this kind of top is included in our 10 summer must-haves. However, your V-neck shirts or dresses shouldn’t be reserved only for the summer. Transition them into the fall months by pairing them with the right clothing accessories. For example, add an extra layer with a scarf. Select a piece in ombre fall colors like orange and red to spice up your look, or add subtle sophistication with a neutral cream or black scarf. This strategy is also great for women with broader chests, such as those with an hour-glass shape, who need a little more coverage on top.

You can also make V-necks, or any other neckline for that matter, appropriate for fall by incorporating seasonal colors in your accessories. Since the V-neck creates a perfect opportunity for necklaces, wear a pendant in a deep aubergine shade, some auburn fall colors, or brighten your look with cobalt blue. The jewelry will add visual interest and keep your style on trend.

woman wearing a v-neck dress with fall colored jewelry

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Published on Aug 05 2015

Last Updated on Oct 26 2021

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