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Woman in black pants and blue tunic belted at waist

How to wear jewel tones

In the world of fashion, there are certain styles that seem just too avant garde and out of the box for the everyday working woman. While you can incorporate elements of these trends into your overall look, the fads may be overwhelming to include altogether.

Luckily, there are certain items and color palettes that are universally flattering. One such example is jewel tones – rich shades that look good on every skin tone. Here are some tips on how to integrate these hues into your wardrobe:

What are jewel tones?

If you’re looking for saturated hues to add a pop of color to your look or to make you stand out in a crowd, try one of the following jewel tones:

  • Emerald green.
  • Sapphire blue.
  • Ruby red.
  • Amethyst purple.
Placket Tunic

Start with accessories

You can’t go wrong with one of the above shades in small pieces or fashion accessories. A little black dress looks great with a skinny emerald green belt or sapphire blue handbag. Women’s heels in these hues freshen up an office outfit and make it easy to transition your look from day to night. Scarves, shades and hats in jewel tones make the perfect compliment to any style and are sure to make others envious of your fashion sense.

“Jewel tones also lend well to colorblocking.”

Go bold

These colors will highlight your favorite features, so why not get a few pieces in the same shade? Monochrome looks are sweeping the runways and you can try this trend on for size for everyday wear. Jewel tone business suits for women with matching blazer jackets and skirts are highly professional. While monochrome is always an option, jewel tones also lend well to colorblocking. Remove the jacket and swap in a complementary hue to achieve this look for a night out. An amethyst purple pencil skirt will look great with a ruby red silk blouse.

Look for a pattern

There are plenty of fashionable solid jewel tone pieces and these items certainly have their place. Yet, finding a printed ensemble in one – or multiple – of these shades is the real ruby in the rough. Look for a pattern that suits your taste; extra points if you discover one that incorporates several jewel tones or shades that work well together. Accessories in this department are the perfect addition to any outfit. For example, an emerald green print pencil skirt would add some glam to a navy top.

colorblocking top

Don’t forget your outerwear

Jewel tones are the perfect hues for the colder months of fall and winter. The latter season is often synonymous with forfeiting style for warmth and comfort, but it doesn’t have to be. Long coats for women in these rich shades can dress up any neutral outfit. Furthermore, these pieces will help you stand out in a sea of black jackets and parkas.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with jewel tones. These colors are flattering on everyone, and you’ll never run out of ways to wear them.

Learn how to match colors to your skin tone!

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