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Work to weekend looks for fall

woman black jacket over gray top and soft pink pleated skirt

Having a multipurpose wardrobe is essential for getting through all the roles you play in life. Buying a new outfit for every occasion just isn’t practical, so you’ll want to have several pieces in your closet that can seamlessly transition your look from working woman to going out with the girls. Use this guide to take your style from work to weekend this fall:

Shifting blazers and cardigans from work to weekend

The chillier weather of the season is often matched by a cooler atmosphere in the office. Jackets, blazers, cardigans and shrugs are all crucial for staying comfortable in the workplace, and they can easily change the look of your ensemble. For example, you can wear the same style of shirt, such as all tank tops or blouses each day of the week, and simply create versatility with the top layer.

Fortunately, you can also shift these essential wardrobe items into your weekend look. The straight edges and defined outline of a blazer give the look an edgy, fashion-forward vibe, so wear it with jeans and a pair of pumps for a dinner date or a night on the town. For a more casual vibe, like for a backyard bonfire or movie night with the girls, wear your cardigan with a pair of light-wash jeans.

woman wearing a black jacket that can easily transition from day to night

Glam up a blouse

Whether you tuck this top into a pencil skirt or pair it with a professional pair of slacks, blouses are a staple in workplace wardrobes. However, this office classic can be dressed up for a weekend look as well. Jeans and heels will easily turn the formal tone of this clothing piece into weekend-ready garb. However, if you’re trying to relax the look of a blouse even more, pair it with a maxi skirt. Not only will the flowing style get you in the mood for carefree Saturday afternoons, but the length of the skirt will provide extra warmth on those chillier days, making it the perfect item for fall.

woman wearing a versatile top that could be dressed up or down

Dressing down a dress

Dresses are another traditional and feminine style for the office. The clothing item brings an automatic level of formality, and with today’s wide variety, you can easily pick a pattern, color or style that showcases your personality. Dresses are especially convenient because the entire outfit is hosted in one clothing item, making getting ready in the morning a breeze.

A dress is also an opportune item for your days off because with the right fashion accessories, you can transition it from work to weekend in a snap. Take off the office heels and slip into a pair of fall boots. This change in footwear not only makes the ensemble comfier, but it also provides you with an instant fashion-forward and casual look. Additionally, you may want to ditch the fancy necklace for a fun and flirty scarf. The wrap-around accessory will keep you warm and instantly make your ensemble more relaxed.

woman wearing a slimming, sassy dress

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Published on Sep 15 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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