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hide your stomach

Find the shapewear for you

Here are some tips to help you find the shapewear that is right for you.

Secret Strategy #11: Surplice Necklines

The surplice neckline balances round facial features and adds length to face & neck, while also flattering all figures.

Secret Strategy #9: Ten pounds thinner

Think illusion & distraction to appear 10 lbs thinner.

Secret Strategy #8: Add a little flair

Ruffles, details, & seaming add a little flair to your outfit which can create a slimmer image that’s also playful and perky.

Secret Strategy #7: Go for sheer & flowy

A more flowing style of material will make you look slimmer.

Secret Strategy #6: Try Straight-legged jeans

Stabilize your frame with a straight-legged jean.

Secret Strategy #5: Wear Pencil Skirts

Try a pencil skirt and a fitted shirt to elongate your legs & torso.

Secret Strategy #4: Boost Your Bust

Wear sweetheart necklines to boost your bust. They show just a hint of cleavage, while still looking refined.

Secret Strategy #3: Wear Patterns

Patterns dominate the focus of the eyes to conceal cleverly.

Secret Strategy #1: Middle Management

Start with a wide waistband or control panel to hide your stomach.

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